Traditional Cold & Cough Relief Herbal Tea
~ Herbalist formulated 100% plant anti-congestion & anti-cough goodness & relief ~  
Wild Harvested Nettles,  Our Farm Lemon Balm, Our Farm Thyme, Wild Harvested Mullein, Ginger, Wild Harvested Violets, Elderberries, Cinnamon. .**Hyssop Flowers.... Comforting, effective, lasting plant source relief from cough, scratchy throat, chest & sinus congestion + Flu like symptoms like bone ache pain and discomfort.  


This formulated plant infusion tea is designed for Decongesting, Soothing Cough, Boosting Immunity - easing discomfort & increasing the body's ability to fight viral attack.  Enjoy it Hot or Cold. 


** This formula is not suitable during pregnancy - A Herbalist Blend formulated minus Hyssop Flowers is available by request. 


Plus Old School Horehound Cough Drops đŸƒđŸŒżđŸŒ± Plant remedies have always been here for us.

Horehound đŸƒ Horehound  herb activates the immune system, eliminating foreign matter and protecting the respiratory tracts from dust particles. It's also beneficial for the liver optimizing digestion as well as detoxing

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Cough & Cold Relief Tea

  • An immune stimulating blend of botanicals that calm cough, this formula reduces secretions, reduces congestion supports mental & physical fatigue that comes along with a Cold Cough or Flu ..  Speeds restoration & shortens duration of symptoms. 

    Calming, Nutritive Soothing & Restorative.