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Stillroom Hollyhock Cough Relief Syrup ~ A Flower Powered cough and cold soothing syrup that eases persistant dry or wet cough & further works on a mucus expelling cough to thin secretions and improve discomfort. Mild fever reducing and comforting anti-inflammatory plus anti viral support benefits as well.

Fresh Picked at Peak - Personally.  Herbal Ingredients Grown on Our Farm.

Herbalist Formulated for maximum outcomes utilizing Tradtional selected synergistic plant ingredients into a delightfully dependable tool for immunity boosting and recovering from viral infections in a speedy manner.  


Hollyhock Syrup has supportive herbal side helpers to ease cough, throat, and respiratory discomfort .... Suited from child 1+ year to adult -suited during pregnancy and breastfeeding 


Stillroom Cough/Cold Support Formulas For Children under 1 year  : 

Violet Children's Syrup > Cough/ fever/ throat /digestive/emotional upset.. >



Hollyhock – Alcea rosea, Mallow, Spearmint, Lemon Balm (Grown on Our Farm) – Local Peterborough County Honey, Thyme, Cherry Bark, Ginger, Elderberry, Lemon


250 ml glass bottle - Refrigerate once you receive your order - Each bottle has an expiry date on label of approx. 4 to 5 months from purchase. 


Hollyhock, Alcea and Althaea, have historically been linked to countless medicinal attributes.[1] The use of the hollyhock species Althaea officinalis L, stems from its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties; it has long been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of oral discomfort, respiratory tract diseases, chest diseases and conjunctivitis.



1. Phytotherapeutics: An Evaluation of Hollyhock 

2.  The Detection of Antibacterial Actions of Whole Herb Tinctures -


Anti-spasmodic effects of Hollyhock on respiratory and throat to soothe asthma and cogh and cold related viral infections. -!po=75.0000



Be certain to have your medical needs addressed by a doctor & seek emergency medical care when needed.  

Hollyhock Cough Relief Syrup

  • ~ Hollyhock Cough Relief Syrup ~

    Suited from child age 1 + year to Adult - Traditionally Formulated Old school plant support ingredient list ♡ Tools for Strengthening Real Self Care ... PLANT Empowered Wellness in a delight local honey syrup format ♡ 

    The Hollyhock Herb (Althaea rosea) and Floral first brought to this country from overseas - Hollyhock is the flowering plant in the family Malvaceae. Once eaten as a pot-herb, though it's not particularly palatable. Flowers can be chopped up finely and added to salads. Inner portion of young stems - raw. Flower petals and flower buds - raw. Added to salads. A nutritious starch is obtained from the root.

    Hollyhock flowers are employed medicinally for their emollient, demulcent (soothing) anti-inflammatory qualities for the upper respiratory tract... and diuretic properties, which make them useful in chest complaints. Their action is similar to Marshmallow. Demulcent herbs, like Hollyhock, help soothe irritation and inflammation by creating a film over the mucosa they contact, calming any irritation in the throat, mouth, lungs and complete digestive system. From lips to exit. ;)

    Soothes Sore Throat:
    Hollyhock helps to reduce non complicated sore throat discomforts effectively. It does wonders for a persistent dry cough and provides relief from the throat irritation.

    Lessens Fever:
    Since ancient times, Hollyhock is used to reduce a high fever. It possesses antipyretic properties which clears congestion from nose, soothes high fever and cold symptoms.

    Anti viral supportive 

    Gastrointestinal Ailment Supportive:
    Hollyhock possess an anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which helps to treat the gastro intestinal problems such as abdominal pain, ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel movement and diarrhea.

    A Stillroom Shoppe Cough Relief Syrup with supportive herbal side helpers to ease cough, throat, and respiratory discomfort .... Suited from child 1 year + to Adult -

    Suited during pregnancy and breastfeeding ...

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