~ Harnessing the amazing plant power of the 'Vicks' Plant which we grow right here just for this Formula ~~100% Plant Source Vapo Chest Rub - Wildly Effective 3X Infused Herbalist formula, soothing + gentle. Topical Rub for application to the chest, back under nose for decongestion & clearing of stuffiness from colds & viral infections.  

Comforting, soothing & relaxing with herbals of locally wild crafted Peppermint, locally wild crafted Spearmint, Camphor, Our farm fresh Lavender, Canadian Spruce, Sweet Marjoram + + Raw plant materials infused with a little kiss of Real Aromatherapy ... A Traditional Herbalist infused formulation to provide natural botanical relief with only wholesome side benefits of healing support. 


Suited for infants & children 2+ years of age + & Adults.  Dilutions within therapeutic Aromatherapy protocols for safe use for Everyone. 


Formulas for children based on Aromatherapy Education obtained in 1993 & as habit & as educated in accordance with : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0443062412/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0443062412&linkCode=as2&tag=thehiphom05-20&linkId=XG5I36XA6VUR5MAI

Natural Vapo Chest Rub

  • Natural Vapo Chest Topical Rub ~ Decongests soothes comforts with 100% botanicals.  Soothing, decongesting & comforting.  Promotes relaxation & rest during sickness recovery via Aromatherapy & infused herbals.


    No petroleum. No chemicals.  Just Plants...   🍃 🌱 🌿 Wiselt formulated for maximum support during viral infections or cough & cold symptoms.


    Always seek medical attention for serious continued symptoms that require acute medical attention. 

  • 60 ml Cobalt Blue Glass Jar