Mullein is also known as LungwortHerbalist Formulated with Locally Wildcrafted Mullein Flowers, NettlesSpearmint~  It's a centuries old trusted bronchial & lung herbal remedy~ A soothing expectorant relieves inflammation of respiratory passages & brings relief from repetative coughing.  A traditionally depended on herb for all lung ailments for relief soothing and calming of coughing & clearing mucous.  

A Traditional plant & floral powered trusted combination of wild Mullien flowers, Violet Blossoms & new leaves, Peppermint & Spearmint with a kiss of our farmed Thyme & Cinnamon....  Formulated to Sooth Restore & Repair ~ as plant targeting nutrition supports the body in it's own healing capabilities.. 


WHY You Need to Re-Think Commercially Manufactured Teas & Turn Over A New Leaf~

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Herbal Teas, were recognized as plant medicine long before they became a common beverage. 

~ The Book of Tea 


Did you know Ontario wild crafted herbs or traditional plant medicinals are the very most sought after by those in the industry?  . . . There are no middle people.  More Holistic. Less opportunity or chance of contamination or adulteration. In fact, being wild crafted means it's NEVER crossed the Canada border - ALL HERBS crossing the Canadian  border are treated with Irradiation.

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Mullein Lung Aid Tea