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Mullein is also known as LungwortHerbalist Formulated with Locally Wildcrafted Mullein Flowers, NettlesSpearmint~  It's a centuries old trusted bronchial & lung herbal remedy~ A soothing expectorant relieves inflammation of respiratory passages & brings relief from repetative coughing.  A traditionally depended on herb for all lung ailments for relief soothing and calming of coughing & clearing mucous.  

A Traditional plant & floral powered trusted combination of wild Mullien flowers, Violet Blossoms & new leaves, Peppermint & Spearmint with a kiss of our farmed Thyme & Cinnamon....  

Formulated to Sooth Restore & Repair ~ as plant targeting nutrition supports the body in it's own healing capabilities.


90 - 95 gram bag

Herbalist proprietary formula of-


Wild Mullein flower, Wild Spearmint leaf, Wild Peppermint leaf, Violet leaf/flower, Nettle leaf, Thyme leaf, Cinnamon bark, Lemon peel, Lemon Balm leaf.  


Stillroom 2 piece Stainless TEA INFUSER fits any size mug or mason jar  


WHY You Need to Re-Think Commercially Manufactured Teas & Turn Over A New Leaf~

Link: Common Name Brand Teas Pose High Pesticide Exposure Risk  ~>


Herbal Teas, were recognized as plant medicine long before they became a common beverage. 

~ The Book of Tea 


Did you know Ontario wild crafted herbs or traditional plant medicinals are the very most sought after by those in the industry?  . . . There are no middle people.  More Holistic. Less opportunity or chance of contamination or adulteration. In fact, being wild crafted means it's NEVER crossed the Canada border -

ALL HERBS crossing the Canadian  border are treated with Irradiation.

☢️ What's Irradiation??  More Info: Link:



Mullein LungTea

  • Mullien Promotes respiratory wellness.  Aids Asthma, C.O.P.D., Bronchitis & strengthens lungs during cold/flu season.  Mullien is the #1 lung repair herb.

    ...Spearmint 🌿 So much more gentle than Peppermint, ideal for children's herb tea iced or warm for soothing digestive upset.. easing mild fever, it's antibacterial, aids respiratory health, hormonal balance - especially indicated for PCOS , circulation, heart health, promotes calmness & a relaxed mental state .... all this and more when taken as a herbal tea. 🍵


    🌼...Mullein - These are the tall torch like plants with yellow flowers like corn on a cob dotted all over the meadows here - they're just coming into bloom -  Mullien take over to prepare the land for further wild life & forestry...any field left will have Mullien up trying to take back the land. This is a LUNG HERB. Mullein has been used for thousands of years for upper respiratory ailments & various topical poultices. ...


    Mullien is also a well know Ear Ache Remedy ~ See more Here:

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