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The Stillroom Shoppe Aromatherapy Vapo Inhaler  ~ Improve Breathing - Nasal Decongestant with Soothing Vapors for Temporary Relief due to cold, congestion & stuffiness of sinuses.  FAST relief from nasal congestion. 

Cooling Soothing Adult Strength ~ Refreshingly Formulated with Wild Peppermint, Wild Spearmint, Ecualyptus Leaf, Camphor + MORE proprietary plant essential oils for effective sinus decongesting via Aromatherapy. 


  • Temporarily relieves nasal congestion due to a cold & sinus congestion
  • Temporarily relieves hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies
  • Provides fast relief
  • Brings back lost sense of smell


Each of the plant based ingredients are also known for their potent aromatic ANTIMICROBIAL / ANTIFUNGAL / ANTIBACTERIAL / ANTIVIRAL  properties.


How to Use:

Inhale soothing plant vapours through each nostril to make stuffed nose feel clearer. Use as often as needed for relief. Hold one nostril closed + place inhaler just under the nose + inhale deeply. Repeat with other nostril. Use as often as needed.  Vapo Inhaler should last

5 - 6 months depending on frequency of use and if lid is replaced immediately and securely after each use.


The refreshing aromatherapy vapors of these powerful pure plant essential oils soothe the  nasal cavity, stabilize dizziness, relieve fatigue and refresh mental focus with the proven benefits of Aromatherapy which is a branch of Herbalism.


LONG LASTING, PORTABLE POWER FOR ON-THE-GO Breathing support -  Each Vapo Inhaler remains potent for up to 5 to 6 months while continuing to be useful months after first being opened. Easily fits into a pocket for ease of use or handy right beside your bed.


Vapo Chest Rub - ALSO Available -




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Vapo Inhaler - Nasal Decongestant - 100% Plant Based

  • Regaining your sense of smell with botanicals for relief of post-viral loss of smell. A common effect of viral infection is loss of sense of smell or Anosmia.

    How it works:

    Inhalation of pure plant essential oils is a safe Adult aromatherapy application method commonly used by trained aromatherapists ~

    A person inhales concentrated aromas from personal inhalers or “sniffy sticks” a few times a day over a period of several weeks to give their sense of smell a workout of sorts. While the individual may not perceive the aromas they are inhaling or might experience a distortion of the aroma, they are in fact retraining + focusing on their olfactory memory of the aromas to encourage neural connection to their sense of smell again. While a person with anosmia may not perceive the aroma they are inhaling, this does not inhibit their ability to benefit from it.

    Typically, the individual notices a gradual change over time in their experiences during their olfactory training sessions, similar to the progressive results one might see from physio training. Research has shown olfactory training to be an effective support technique for post-viral loss of smell. Research continues to show how to tailor olfactory training to optimize results, but initial studies have shown there is a positive range of effective olfactory re-training with practices like this.

    Olfactory training shows the exercises progressively build olfactory system sensitivity and increase connectivity with important neural networks translate information from the sense of smell.

    Vapo Inhaler from The Stillroom Shoppe -

    Formulated by a Master Herbalist since 1995 & Trained in Aromatherapy since 1993 .... ...


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