The Stillroom Shoppe Aromatherapy Vapo Inhaler  ~ Improve Breathing - Nasal Decongestant with Soothing Vapors for Temporary Relief due to cold, congestion & stuffiness of sinuses.  FAST relief from nasal congestion.  Cooling Soothing Adult Strength ~ Refreshingly Formulated with Wild Peppermint, Wild Spearmint & Ecualyptus Leaf & Camphor for effective sinus decongesting.  

  • Temporarily relieves nasal congestion due to a cold & sinus congestion
  • Temporarily relieves hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies
  • Provides fast relief


Each of the plant based ingredients are also known for their potent aromatic ANTIMICROBIAL / ANTIFUNGAL / ANTIBACTERIAL / ANTIVIRAL  properties.


How to Use:

Inhale soothing plant vapours through each nostril to make stuffed nose feel clearer. Use as often as needed for relief. 


The refreshing aromatherapy vapors of these powerful pure plant essential oils soothe the  nasal cavity, stabilize dizziness, relieve fatigue and refresh mental focus with the proven benefits of Aromatherapy which is a branch of Herbalism.


LONG LASTING, PORTABLE POWER FOR ON-THE-GO Breathing support -  Each Vapo Inhaler remains potent for up to 45 days, while continuing to be useful for up to 3 months after first being opened. Easily fits into a pocket for ease of use. 


Vapo Chest Rub - ALSO Available -




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Vapo Inhaler - Nasal Decongestant - 100% Plant Based