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  ~The Stillroom Shoppe~

   StoneHouse Holistics

1345 County Road 4 Warsaw ON K0L3A0 

 StoneHouse Holistics offers ONLY the very Finest Herbalist Chosen Botanicals, Plants and Herbals - Wildcrafted & Organic   Forest Farm & Field Ingredients = ~Essential Wellness Botanicals~  Organic when available, Wildcrafted thoughtfully from  our much loved 120 acres ~ Sourced From our Forests, Fields & Organic Herb Farm to The Stillroom Shoppe. 


 Locally obtained is the priority as well as nearby sources for dried herbs that I have been working with since 1995. These   synergistic Formulas are Herbalist Created Blends geared to target specific health needs, carefully formulated with   integrity for maximum outcomes. Handcrafted with Care & Infused with Love.  


 They’re my favorite formulations - tried tested & true - as per the rich history of traditional western Herbalism, my own use, f amily, friends, New + return clients affirm since 1995Plants are our Food & our Medicine.


 The Stillroom Shoppe alcohol/spirit based tinctures have a shelf life of 5 years from purchase.
Elderberry Syrup & Hollyhock Cough Relief Syrup - have an expiry date on label - to be stored in fridge once received

 - Use within 5 months generally.
Teas, if kept dry and out of direct light - 2 years from purchase.
All other Essential Wellness Botanicals herbals + skincare should be used within a year of purchase.


 I am a credentialed Herbalist having received a diploma in 1995 as Master of Herbology from Emerson College of   Herbology.  As well, I am credentialed with a Herbal Practitioner Diploma from the CCHPA.

 Educated in Aromatherapy since 1993 ~ Toronto Ontario Canada. ~ Tisserand Methodology. 


 In 2000 our family relocated to Peterborough Ontario to follow our dream of country life on a small farm we had been   dreaming of as we drove by as teens 15 and 16 on the way north on Fridays. We dreamed of raising our family, pets   and herbals. We've brought this 1861 farm back from fallow to a full-time Herb Farm.


 We grow & wildharvest + formulate + custom blend & infuse herbal extracts/tinctures, salves, balms, elixirs, 100% natural   herb soaps + loose leaf Herbalist wild TEAS .. Over 30 Stillroom Teas are offered in ~The Stillroom Shoppe~  ... Our raw plant   medicinals are wildcrafted from our forest & fields + our enormous organic herb garden where Lavender, Lemongrass,   Lemon Balm, Arnica Montana, White Sage, Skullcap, & Calendula are some of the favorites.. 


 ~ Essential Wellness Botanicals ~ Master Herbalist Formulated with Care & Integrity.  These are the raw plant material   herbal blends that I adore.  Proven Mind & Body Care with the harnessed power of plants. Traditionally.

 The Stillroom uses Environmentally Sustainable Amber, Cobalt Blue & Clear Glass + BPA-free plastic & All of our bottles and   jars are made out of Recyclable materials providing the best protection from UV light and ensuring that our Essential  Wellness Botanicals Blends are preserved for extended periods with zero synthetic ingredients or preservatives. 

Wildcrafted Locally From Our Farm Forests & Fields 


My go-to formulations ~ Essential Wellness Botanicals ~ is a select collection of my favorite custom herbal blends formulated & handcrafted with care.  Wholesome, perfect for holistically minded health care.


Pricing of StoneHouse Holistics Botanicals reflects the desire to make fine herbals available to everyone. I pass the value of Beautiful Effective handcrafted/formulated blends on to our valued clients. 


Thank you for visiting our online Stillroom Shoppe 


Kelly Remmer 

Master Herbalist - since 1995 

StoneHouse Holistics

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We Ship Essential Wellness Botanicals in Canada 5 Days a week

Quick & Easy PorchPickUps - 7 Days a week 

We Accept - Etransfer & Cash Payments for PorchPickUps ~ Shipping orders are Etransfer Payment Only 

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