Roasted Dandelion Root Tea ~ The Liver Detoxifer Aid & Supporter 

Traditional wild crafted organic root which provides nutritive plant support as a tonic cleanser & detoxifier.   Dandelion root is a well known plant suitable for human consumption & benefits as evidenced by thousands of years of recorded herbal medicine history for blood cleansing, urinary & kidney health, liver support, immune strengthening, allergy relief, uric acid cleanser, digestive aid, elimination support.. This is just the short list of Dandelion Root health benefits.  


"A biochemist at the University of Windsor, Siyaram Pandey, has studied Dandelion root's potential to combat cancer for nearly two years.
His team's first phase of research revealed that dandelion root caused an extremely aggressive and drug-resistant blood cancer cell, chronic monocytic myeloid leukemia, to die.
It was startling, but it was not that startling until we saw that it was non-toxic to the normal cells.
Scientists then found that multiple treatments, using a low dose of dandelion root extract, was successful in killing the majority of the cancerous cells present."



180 gram bag - May be course or fine grind - 2 steeps per mug 



🌼 Cancer-killing dandelion tea gets €144K research grant - This natural remedy has unexpected healing powers:  Link: >>


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Dandelion Root Tea

  • Wild Harvested Dandelion Root ~ Roasted for wonderful rich flavor ~ An immune, detoxifying, strengthening root herb.  Traditionally used for disease prevention & arming one’s immune system to prevent & treat toxicity, digestive woes - provide liver support & overall health balancing benefits.   


    “We had information from an oncologist, a collaborator here in Windsor, who had patients that showed improvement after taking dandelion root tea. And so, with a phone call, we decided to start studying what was in this tea that made patients respond to it, so we started digging up dandelions.”
    source: - University of Windsor -Dandelion Project.


    Of course!  They've been used for thousands of years as a Liver supportive herb, Blood cleanser, Bone Health, Liver Disorders,Diabetes, Urinary Disorders, Skin Care - via detoxification, acne aid, Gall Bladder Disorders
    Constipation - if 3 trains enter the station - 3 trains should be leaving the station every day! 
    Anemia, High Blood Pressure + + +





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