StoneHouse Holistics Stainless Herb Tea Infuser is 100% stainless food grade premium quality with a satinless lid for infusing loose teas while maintaining the direct from plant pure essential oils, terpenes & plant phenols, minerals, vitamins & natural compounds IN your tea & not in the atmosphere of the room... A herbal tea infuser that makes drinking Formulated Wellness teas easy peasy ~ it fits right into a 500ml and up Mason jar for serious daily Wellness brewing.  Herbal Tea is wisdom in a cup.  Zero Chemicals

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StoneHouse Holistics Stainless Herb Tea Infuser

  • A custom premium stainless loose herbal tea infuser with a lid that doubles as a holder when not in use.  Makes daily herbal medicnal tea drinking effortless, fits into any mug and 500ml Mason jars and larger.  Daily plant infusions are linked to imoroved wellbeing, improved mobility, imporoved mood and mindset.