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Making DAILY brewing & enjoying & benefiting from Stillroom Herbalist Teas EASY for at home or work or travel.. 

Herbalist TEA SET Includes:

1 ~ 750 ml Glass Bernardin Mason Jar 

1 ~ Black Silicone Drinking Lid with stainless steel band (non rusting) 

1 ~ 2 piece Stillroom Stainless Tea INFUSER with Lid/Basin (non rusting)


The Stillroom Stainless Steel Herbal Tea Infuser - 2 piece set - is 100% stainless food grade premium quality with a stainless lid for infusing loose teas while maintaining the direct from plant pure terpenes & plant phenols, minerals, vitamins & natural compounds IN your tea & not in the atmosphere of the room... A herbal tea infuser that makes drinking formulated Wellness teas easy peasy ~ it fits right into any size Mason jar or mug for serious daily Wellness brewing. The lid doubles as a catch basin for the mesh basket when you've finished steeping ..  Herbal Tea is wisdom in a cup.


Habitual, DAILY herbal tea drinking modulates brain efficiency: evidence from brain connectivity evaluation. Daily consumption of formulated plant infusions - herbal teas, from a reliabler sound source - are linked to improved wellbeing, improved mobility, improved mood and mindset AND offer therapeutic values as functional FOODS. 


Local plant ingredients in Stillroom Shoppe herbal teas taken as a habitual daily practice are proven to increase cognitive health and improve quality of life .. The power of plants in your mason jar & mug.  


Why brew your loose leaf teas in a Stillroom stainless steel INFUSER?

Plastics found in commercial Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea - DITCH the aluminum dollar store mesh tea balls and do better for yourself.


See our selection of Herbalist Formulated Loose Leaf TEAS:

Here -


My Daily plant ritual Stillroom TEAS that I brew and drink every single day are:


Heart Healthy Tea


For sleep / relaxing before bed - Sweet Sleep Tea 

For relief from coughs colds & respiratory support - Cough & Cold Relief Tea

Chai Tea is a a favborite, as is Fireside Apple Cider Tea & for immediate soothing of stress and mood lift - Lemon Balm Tea ...


SEE ALL Herbalist Formulated Teas here
























TEA INFUSER SET ~ w Mason Jar - Herbalist FAVORITE

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