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This is a Herbalist Organic Farm Grown & Formulated Herbal Ear Oil  that provides FAST dependable pain relief - anti-inflammatory aid +  infection control assistance.  Traditional Mullein Oil is an excellent plant remedy to have in the home for unexpected ear pain n children or adults - ALSO Tinnitis support for Adults.  This is the formula used in Naturopathic studies - The new protocol for ear pain is a 'watch monitor & see' stance in conjunction with an effective wisely formulated herbal ear drop oil.  Organically Grown on our Farm & gathered from our Forests & Fields - Wild Medicine.  Traditional. Effective.

Our Mullein Ear Oil is specifically intended for topical use in the ear as an analgesic for symptomatic relief of  uncomplicated earache – Features the healing properties of mullein, calendula, garlic, and St. John’s wort. 


Antibiotics is not the first go-to option any longer. 


"The alternative, naturopathic herbal extract medications offer management of ear pain associated with AOM aka ear pain. As it was widely reported in the medical literature, these herb or herbal extracts have the potential to meet all of the requirements of appropriate medication that could be routinely used in the pediatric patient, namely in vitro bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal activity against common pathogens, immunostimulation ability, antioxidant activity, and anti-inflammatory effects. They are also well-absorbed with good penetration into the tissue surrounding the tympanic membrane. They have been found to enhance local immunologic activity. Finally, herbal extracts are well-tolerated (owing to their long elimination time), easy to administer, and less expensive than the new antibiotics. There are no documented side effects." 


Suitable for 1 year+ to Adult Use. 10 ml  Amber Glass Dropper Bottle for Easy Use ~Roll bottle in hands for 1-2 minutes to warm oil or warm in a mug of hot tap water - not boiling  water - for 1-2 minutes  - Follow Directions on bottle. 

Please Seek timely medical attention if symptoms  persist, worsen or condition deteriorates. 


🍃🌻Naturopathic or Herbalist treatment for ear pain in children + adults :


~~~~~~~~~ SUITED for Use in Dog's Ears for itchiness -  Anti-Candida Purposes ~~~~~~~ 



Herbal preparations aren't just for humans. WILD Mullein Ear Oil is: Anti-Candida /Anti-fungal Anti-Itch Pain Relieving Anti-Inflammatory Suited for non-complicated ear issues- Suited for breaking the bio-film associated with recurring candida bouts common in the friendly environment of a dog's ears ....🍃 For humans ⏩⏩ Beautiful Support toward relieving Ear: ...Infections. . Tinnitis..Swimmers ear... A plant based old world anti-biotic of sorts... #organicgarlic ..... In fact an N.D. Formulation for Otis media in children and adults .. Herbalist Wildharvested Locally + 3X Infused. 


Consult a health care practitioner: if the eardrum is perforated; if you have a discharge from the ear; if you have changes in hearing; Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen or persist.


For internal support and relief of Tinnitis - See Ginkgo Compound Tincture 

Mullein Ear Oil~Wildcrafted

  • ~🌻🍃Traditional Mullein Calendula Ear Oil🍃🌻~ 
    An Organic Children's & Adult (Pets TOO) Ear Compound Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Oil ~ Formulated with our farmed organic Calendula, Lavender, Mullein & Locally sourced Wild St. John's wort flower & Garlic. 
    The same formula used in the study cited below - Proves its effectiveness for infant, child & adult non-complicated ear inflammation/ear infection (acute otitis media).

    What’s the evidence that this particular Herbal or Plant treatment works for ear infections?

    Naturopathic or Herbalist support for ear pain in children:

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