Traditional Ginkgo Compound ~ Promotes strong focus, memory & attention. A formula that improves mood as well. Lifts brain fog. Traditional support foptimum brain function.  This is a formulated neurological plant blend.  Ginkgo offers memory improvement plus calming & improving of mood via botanicals like Passion Flower.  As side note this is supportive of restful sleep.  

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Ginkgo biloba GreenMed:

Traditional Ginkgo Compound

  • This compound with Ginkgo biloba, promotes strong focus, memory & attention.  A formula that improves mood as well.  A botanical formula with; Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Skull cap, Passion Flower, Calamus & Rosemary.  All traditional brain supportive plants.   Organic Ginkgo Compound Tincture <3 Safe, natural plant source support for optimum brain function; Plant nutrition that improves; Focus, Memory, Attention, Reverses cognitive decline, Improves ADHD symptoms, Vividly improves mood, Increases duration of concentration, Heals mental fatigue... Just some of the most commonly used herb benefits. Ginkgo is quietly being bought in vast quantities by big pharma due to the astounding research being compiled regarding it's reliable brain benefits. 

     University Of Maryland Research Ginkgo Biloba ;

  • 50 mL