An ancient floral sleep aid and relax response tool..  Lavender Aromatics provide immediate relaxation and release of tension - weighted with natural lentils and buckwheat to provide orbital pressure relief while promoting decompression and mental fatigue solace within minutes.  -  The soothing and comforting Lavender of this eye pillow will allow you to relax in the moments when you need it most. Whether it's to help you fall asleep, to release a tension headache or to simply relax post yoga practice, or in preparation for meditation.. this little dream pillow will quickly become your best friend. 


Long lasting ~ 6 to 9 months or so ... Tuck inside your pillow case for a sleep aid ~  Refreshen and Reawaken Aromatics by simply massaging your dream poillow between your hands briskly -  Be sure not to launder it! 


Organic undyed cotton jute natural fabric 
Filled with organic buckwheat/lentils and Lavender from our farm. 

Size - 7" X 5" 


Lavender Dream Pillow ~ Eye Mask

  • Lavender was in daily use at one time by all levels of society from cottages to castles. Aromatic Lavender with a kiss of buckwheat for it's weighted benefits in a natural undyed draw string bag to tuck in your pillowcase for a sound restful sleep every night or to simply take a break and de-stress or . . a mindfulness tool in meditation practice.  All of the above. 

    Can be warmed gently if desired for 30 seconds 

    To refresh simply massage the bag to wake up the herbs - will last aprrox. 6 months to 9 months ~ providing many nights sleep support ... and tension easing sessions. 

  • 6" x 7" Natural Linen