Our Farm grown Lavender Floral Water / Hydrosol....Simply Lovely.  Old world flower skin & mind care - pure organics soothe cool & promote serenity.  Lavender Floral water is a skin toner - makeup remover - pore minimizer - refreshing flower powered complexion ~ sleep aid / pillow mist + mind tool. 


The gentlest & most traditional Body & MInd support for external application. Ancient - The Oldest recorded use of flowers for medicine is Lavender. 


The Stillroom Shoppe Lavender Floral Water - Softly Aromatic instantly soothing & cooling - can be used as a skin toner,   A during the day - Re-freshener, Personal natural fragrance, Child & Baby Care, Mood Support,  Anxiety aid  + + + MORE ... 


💜 Can safely be used as a sleep support for young ones by misting the pillow + bedding - let dry 2 minutes.. Nighty Night. 


Lavender floral water at StoneHouse Holistics is Fresh Farm Grown Organic & also contains the finest pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil - Locally purveyed & Herbalist Trusted since 1993.

Premium Quality equals maximum Holistic outcomes..  


LAVENDER FLORAL WATER acts as a safe option for children under 2 years as an effective outdoor insect deterrent & as an effective head lice deterrent  for school age children as studies have proven Lavander as a safe bug repellent for all ages . 


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💜 Lavender & the Central Nervous System Research:



* Traditionally Herbalist Formulated with Plant Love :


Certified Organic Lavender Hydrosols, Organic Lavender High Altitude Essential Oils, Organic Lavender Blossoms. 


60 ml - Natural Mister Hydrosol 




Lavender Floral Water ~ Organic

  • Lavender- (Lavender officinalis, L. angustifloria). There is a reason we find lavender in so many skincare products. The name is derived from the Latin ‘lavare’ – to wash- referring to its ability to cleanse and purify. Where some medicinal plants used in ancient civilizations have fallen out of favor, lavender never has because it is so valuable in restoring and maintaining skin health.

    Benefits: Antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial 

    • Purifying, tonifying agent to cleanse skin. Targets:

    o   “normal” skin to maintain a clean, balanced complexion
    o   aging, slacking, crêpey tissue prone to “wrinkling”
    o   blemishes brought on by hormonal imbalance (i.e. menstrual, menopause, pregnancy, chemo, adolescence)
    o   over-secretion of sebum on which bacteria thrive

    • Cytophylactic, meaning it stimulates new cell growth. Targets:

    o   aging skin that is slow to regenerate, accelerating process of repair

    o   damaged or scarred tissue in need of healing

    • Anti-inflammatory. Targets:

    o   over-heated, over-exposed, over-processed or sunburned skin

    • Relaxing, stress-relieving. Targets:

    o   grief, sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety

    o   mental confusion in need of clarity

    o   a worried mind, restoring calm and confidence