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A Herbalist Locally wildcrafted Nervine Herbal Compound Extract with Blue Vervain.  Bringing her ever so soothing calming and sleep inducing qualities to you~ Blue Vervain  is the star here supported by a carefully chosen botanical wing team - No kettle to boil with a Tincture, just shake - 2 full dropperfuls to a little water - swirl - Drink &  Relax Let it work. . .Blue Vervain is indicated for driven - cannot shut the mind off - individuals - those who are doers - those who wake in the night to remember what they missed during the day to accomplish... for those who are near nervous exhaustion from over-doing things... This is the Sweet Sleep Plant Tool for you~  Plant Power for a full rested uninterrupted night's sleep ... Awaken Refreshed Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed. 


~Blue Vervain Compound~ is a Whole Body & Mind Plant Tool .. Nervines combined wisely that Soothe the Central Nervous System & Brain - Settling Everything Right ON Down... Letting you REST RESTORE REJEUVENATE with a whole night's sleep. 


Sleep is for REPAIR.  This is when our bodily systems work to rejenerate restore heal and with the nutrition we have provided through the day - Fix issues that are either about to hinder or are in full acute phase.   GOOD Sleep Regularly is A MUST for Optimum Wellness. 


Wildcrafted Blended Ingredients include:

Mugwort, Lavender, Oatstraw, Red Clover, Blue Vervain, Spearmint, Lemon Balm

Proprietary Formulation not in order of content. 


50 ml Dropper Amber Glass

For Adult Use Only. 

Not Suited For Use During Pregnancy or Nursing


ALL Organic All Wildcrafted Locally  ~ Fresh Our Community microbes, Foral Bee Pollen & Forest compounds present = Improved gut-health, digestion, assimilation & IMMUNITY.




Whole Body Benefits of Blue Vervain / Verbena hastata :
Link: >…/herbs-and-…/blue-vervain.html

BLUE VERVAIN (Verbena officinalis)
An overview of the Research and Clinical Indications - Beverly Yates, ND
Link: >


Verbena Hastata. Blue Vervain, Simpler's Joy.
Link: >…/…/VERBENA_HASTATA.htm


The Gut-Brain Connection - Pay attention to your gut-brain connection – it contributes to your anxiety and digestion problems.
Link > - Harvard Health



Blue Vervain Compound (Previously Blue Vervain Sleep Compound)

  • 🌛 This Lovely Sweet Sleep Compound is a 100% Wild Plant blend in a Fast Effective Rapid Format. Sweet Dreams Friends. ✅💯 Sound Uninterrupted Seep. FINALLY. Awake Refreshed Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed

    ~ALL Organic ~All Wildcrafted Locally  ~ Fresh from Our Forests Farm & Fields.  Vital.  Alive.  Our Community  Friendly Local Microbes, Foral Bee Pollen & Forest & Meadow Compounds Present  =  Improved gut-health, digestion, assimilation & IMMUNITY. 

    For Adult Use Only. 

    Not Suited For Use During Pregnancy or Nursing.







    Whole Body Benefits of Blue Vervain / Verbena hastata :
    Link: >…/herbs-and-…/blue-vervain.html

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