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Sweet Violet Syrup For Children ~Wild Crafted Ontario Violet - Viola odorata L.~   For centuries Sweet Violet has been associated with matters of the heart.  It 'calms and strengthens the heart', softens and soothes the spirit ~ especially when under the weather. For children, aidng eczema, dry cough or to calm a child  Violet Children's Syrup is indicated for teething pain, tummy upset, mild fever, sore throat, coughs, sniffles, constipation, childhoof emotional upset or over tiredness.  Violet also functions as a reliable expectorant as well as an anti-inflammatory. Viola has been evaluated in different clinical indications in human studies. A double blind clinical trial showed that the adjuvant use of Violet Children's Syrup improves the cough suppression in children with asthma. 


Suited for Babies Age: 6 months to 3 years ~

Ingredients: Wild Violet Flower & Pure Veg Glycerin - 99.7% Pure USP (Pharmaceutical Grade) Organic Coconut Glycerin. Vegan and Kosher friendly. Non GMO. Vegetable Glycerin sourced from Coconut being the best cleanest purest source available.


30 ml glass dropper bottle

Shelf Life - 2 years from purchase 



Research/Studies Proving the use of Violet (Viola odorata) Syrup can enhance the cough suppression in children with intermittent asthma or coughs due to colds and viral activity. AMAZING simple flowers that pack SAFE dependable help with no harm...🍃💜 
See Study: May 2015

More Benefits of Violet Herb - For Adults & Children:…/


Wild crafted from our 100 acre untouched  Meadows Forests & Fields ~ with Integrity & ethical practicies ~ Master Herbalist since 1995 ~ 

Violet Childrens' Syrup ~ Flower Glycerite

  • Violet Children's Syrup  ~ Organic, wildcrafted Master Herbalist formulated Traditional flower syrup remedy.  Soothing, cooling, relaxing. Traditionally used to support children's' natural health. Used for: teething pain, mild coughs, mild fever, mild sore throat, coughs, sniffles, sleep aid, overtiredness, calms anger & upset, gently aids constipation.  

    All parts of the Violet are edible and provide vast nutritive Immunity support. 

    Suited For Ages 6 months+ to 3 years 

    The Effect of Viola Odorata L. for Fever in Children: A Randomized Triple-blinded Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial  THIS is why Violet is also included in the ingredients for our FEVER COMFORT Glycerite Tincture 


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