... Traditional Apothecary Rose Floral Water ...  Excellent for Summer skin support or ⛄ winter hydration care ... Roses hold & offer ancient healing for the heart mind & skin...


Our Apothecary  Rose Floral Water is Organic, steam distilled & infused with wild crafted local Heritage Apothecary Roses hand harvested, preserved & formulated into specialty Essential Wellness Botanicals ... In addition Pure Organic Rose Absolute is formulated into this traditonal floral water skin treatment for maximum Mind & Body  benefits. 


Anti-aging benefits as Studies Prove: https://goo.gl/aS8VYT


Apothecary Rose Corrective Cream.... is another such Decadent skin loving Blend... & pairs lovingly with Apothecary Rose Floral Water as a clarifying toner, coolant mist + floral mood lifting spa ritual for our facial, throat & chest skin.  Applying Organic Rose to our skin minimizes pores, promotes continued collagen production, moisturizes + supports skin woes such as rosacea, heat rash, skin irritation & redness. 


Organic Rose Lavender Goat Milk Herb Soap - is also available - Botanicals from our fields forest & farm..


The skin is connected to the brain via the nervous system as well as by the endocrine and immune systems. Due to these close connections, human skin is acutely sensitive to a variety of psychological/emotional states.


Roses are an ancient, traditionally trusted + revered flower medicinal and remained in the Pharmacopia until the early 20th century as a heart opening, mind calming, mentally & emotionally recharging herb.  The use of Rose creates significant decreases of breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation and systolic blood pressure, which indicate a decrease of autonomic reaction. At the emotional level, subjects in the roses rated themselves as more calm, more relaxed and less alert than subjects in the control group. These findings represent a relaxing effect of the rose and provide evidence for the use of rose blossoms or oil in aromatherapy, and rose blossoms as traditional medicine such as causing relief of depression and stress in humans.


Relaxing Effect of Rose on Humans: https://goo.gl/WpTjAK


The Aromatherapy aspects of Rose are;
💗 Relief of human depression and stress ~> https://goo.gl/EneVxN
Properties of Rose are found to be relaxing, anxiety-relieving, soothing, and sedative .. almost instantly.... 


50ml Natural Mister 


Organic Apothecary Rose Floral Water

  • Cool the Summer sizzle & give your skin a treat with flower power of the Rose.. Apothecary.. Rose Water is one of the most beloved beauty products since antiquity.

    Roses were orginally grown only for medicinal uses ...  A cup of Midnight Rose Bud tea has more Vitamin C than 6 conventional Oranges...


    Apothecary Rose Floral Water drenched in anti-oxidants, plant phenols, botanical terpenes, Vitamins + ancient Rose petal nutrition that feeds restores & clarifies our skin.