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Herbalist Formulated Infused with Locally Wildcrafted Apothecary Roses.  Apothecary Rose is for the Heart & Complexion.. It is Ancient Garden Medicine dating back to the 13th century at least.  ~The Apothecary Rose was used widely among monasteries in Europe for medicinal purposes.  ~Restorative Apothecary Rose Corrective Cream ~ Restorative, supports & promotes steady collagen production, reduction of & prevention of wrinkles, tones & clarifies, minimizes scarring & discolorations 🍃 It is a BEAUTIFUL cream for ruddy complexions to reduce inflammation + calm the redness of rosacea. 

Decadent Medicinal Apothecary Rose Corrective Cream ~ Love for your skin with the added skin therapy of Our Farmed Regenerative Apothecary Rose Hip oil, Organic Pure Rose Otto, Rose Absolute, Egyptian Rose Geranium, Pure Rosewood, Lavendula, Clary Sage,  Organic Hemp seed & the Powerful Skin Rejeuvenating ~ Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) for it's corrective skin actions + Locally wildcrafted wild medicinal rose, Wild Ginseng, Aloe vera, Calendula flower, Oats, Avocado, Almond, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Quicken berry, Veg glycerine


60 ml cobalt blue glass jar 

Rose is a true complexion floral. Excellent for therapeutic correction value of dry, congested, fatigued skin.. Especially wonderful for mature skin correction for day & night wear. Opens the heart, calms the tension, relaxed yet brightens the mind into a very Zen mindset. Skin Flower Power. 


Organic Rose Lavender Goat Milk Herb Soap ~ A forest soap - Also available!

Organic Goat milk, Oatmeal, Organic Argan oil, Wildcrafted Roses, French Lavender bud blossoms, Organic Shea butter.... Bathing our skin in pure plant nutrition = self care #101.  A Decadent bar of wholesome skin nutrition zero chemicals or artificial anything.  SKIN FOOD. 


Organic Rose Floral Facial Mist - A lovely toner or makeup remover - Also Available 


Apothecary Rose Attributes For Skin ~ A Medicinal Rose:

Link :


Apothecary/Medicinal Rose has anti-cancer spreading effects on cells: 



The Apothecary’s Rose, known to botanists as Rosa gallica officinalis, is one of the most celebrated of all ancient roses. 


Apothecary Rose Corrective Cream


    Wildcrafted Apothecary Rose as a heavenly base for skin care is an ancient most treasured flower for this purpose. Rose petals/oil is restorative, supports & promotes steady collagen production. Reduces scarring & discoloration. Decadent Rose love for your skin with the added skin therapy of Rose Hip Oil & Botanicals that

    act as food for our skin..

    Containing botanicals that are anti-inflammatory, regenerative of cell & collagen production with normalizing of skin's pH as well.

    The Aromatherapy benefits of Rose are uplifting to the Mind & opening for the heart.  An ancient floral complexion & heart tool.

    A decandent day & night facial cream especially beneficial to mature skin ~ a dependable plant tool for slowing down environamental damaging effects for all ages.


    The Aromatics? Rose in the sunshine in late June with undertones of pure bliss.


    Lush Creamy & Decadent ~ our skin eats it up 💓
    with Pure Organic Rose Otto & Absolute, Rosewood, Egyptian Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, a kiss of Frankincense Fresh Resin to just promote the very best skin recovery. Formulated with skin loving Avocado, Grapeseed, Our Farmed & Stillroom Infused Wild Rose Hip (the anti-aging oil), Calendula & Aloe.. + + +  More 🍃's

    carefully chosen for synergy and restoration. 

    A Proprietary Herbalist Formulation.  Forest Inspired. Our farmer & wild harvesyed Apothecary Roses. 


    Get Back To The Garden 

    7 Natural Skin Correction Benefits of Rose:

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