A Lovely Aromatic Soothing Blended Therapeutic Tea. ~Herbalist Formulated~ with personally hand Wildcrafted Nettle, Red Clover Blossoms, Wild Peppermint, Red Raspberry from our Farm Forests & Fields. . .   Alongside Traditional specific herbals that cut fungal activity - and act quickly + unitedly to break down the dreaded biofilm that creates chronic Candida issues. 


This formula is BEST  drank daily Hot Warm or Iced for at least 4 to 6 weeks minimum for maximum outcomes.



White sugar feeds candida growth like fertilizer..  Systemic candida infections wreak havoc on digestion, immunity, sleep quality, creates brain fog, depression, anxiety, dental decay & promotes the very environment for candida to take over & cause inappropriate cell growth.

We're sweet enough thank you kindly, corporate pushers of this toxin..

Read More on the TOXICITY of eating ANY white sugar: 

LINK: > https://www.facebook.com/stonehouseholistics/posts/1080331848735138


Candida & Cancer correlation Study: https://academic.oup.com/…/Candidemia-in-Cancer-Patients-A-…



Study sheds new light on Candida albicans, mysterious fungus that has major health consequences:










Anti-Candida\Parasite Cleanse Care Tea

  • A Traditional bacterial and fungal infection cutting formula.  Tempers the body to be lest hospitable to unwanted microbe activity while not disturbing friendly gut flora & in fact promotes the return of healthy alkaline status - less acidity & a harmonious gut/intestinal/sinus/body cavity state. 


    A Refreshing Delightful Aromatic Therapeutic Tea ~ Don't let the Beautiful Flavor fool you~ This is a Beautiful Plant Power Tool Formula. 


    Hot Iced Warm Lukewarm - Formulated Herbal Wellness Teas are digested and fully available to the body & mind within minutes. 

    Bottoms UP to Feeling So Much BETTER.  Easily. Effectively.