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~Tonic Joint Support for Dogs~ A Herbalist power tool for furry loved ones- They're family TOO.  Simply sprinkle on dry (with a little splash of water) or wet dog food  a.m. and p.m...

Tonic Joint Support for Dogs is Anti-Inflammatory. Geared to relieve hip dysplasia pain + improve range of motion - for joint pain relief - hip troubles - common in large breed dogs + is an effective anti-inflammatory for 'hot spots'.  This Tonic is also blended to target Immunity + It's AntiCandida, RICH in Essential Fatty Acids for shiny coat & Tick + Flea Repelling. 


A Whole Body TONIC :

Cranberry prevents bladder infections in older dogs - Rich in Vitamin C and prevents bacteria from clinging to the bladder walls - in humans too.  Excellent for Immunity. Herbal remedies are suited to dogs as they are to us in most cases-  Formulated with 100% Botanicals - Wildcrafted Nettle, Chamomile, Cornsilk, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger..Thyme... +++ MORE.. Our Dogs Eat THIS UP. 


🌱 Large Breed Dogs: Shake + Add 1 Heaped TBSP Sprinkled on a.m. + p.m. meals - Moisten with a little water.  Small Breed Dogs: 1 TSP Sprinkled on a.m. + p.m. meals -  RELIEF + Improvement in days.  
They need Plant Remedy Love TOO.


Large 220 gram bag - 

TONIC + Joint Support for Dogs - Powder

  •  - Just for Dogs -  Joint Pain Relief, Anti-inflammatory, UTI Prevention, Immunity, AntiCandida, Essential Fatty Acids for shiny coat, Anti Tick + Flea Formula ... Just add a heaped TBSP onto pet's dry ( add alittle water too) or wet food a.m. & p.m. EVERYDAY. 


    Especially formulated for large breed dogs prediposed to hip or joint or inflammation issues + Enhance Immunity, Digestion & Overall General Health.  

    Pets Eat this plant remedy UP. âœ…💚🍃Trixie & Chips are both on this plant heath habit. Trixie, our 8 yearold Golden Retriever has gone from severe hip dysplasia symptoms to full range of motion again.  No more recurring UTI's and no more vet visits for pain relief. She has zero pain now. 

    Our Furbabies Benefit Tremendously from Herbal Remedies TOO. 

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