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Handcrafted Natural Fibre Soap Saver Pocket - A gentle exfoliant tool- & BOOSTS plant based soap Lather, Foam & Bubbles~   ... Apprpox. size: 6" x 4" ...  Drawstring plant fibre bag. 


Stillroom Herb Soap Bars: 

Select From~ 


Calendula Lavender Glycerine Bar Soap 

Sumac Peppermint Cacao Goat Milk Bar Soap

Peppermint Chill

Rose Lavender 

Citrus Rosemary

Jewelweed Forest 

Oak Moss Elderblossom 


Wood Handcrafted Soap Dish - Extends Life of Plant Based Soaps by keeping them out of puddles~ 

Soap Saver - Natural Fibre Pocket/Drawstring

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