This is for those that ADORE Lilac Blossoms~  Spring 2018  ~Handharvested Heritage Lilac Flowers Painstakenly TRIPLE Infused into Organic Golden Jojoba Oil - Captured + Harnessed are the elusive soft gentle aromatics of Lilac... Fresh Soft Lingering Hauntingly on your skin for hours like a memory of Spring.  Slightly softly sweet  floral aromatics that mood lift & evoke memories of childhood gardens backyards and possibly the remind you of the innoncence you mistakenly think you lost along the way to now.. Wild Heritage Lilac Harvested Spring 2018 


Lilac has a characteristically sweet soft fragrance that continues to allure and draw 'old souls' to it's use. The olfactory sense welcomes the terpenes and compounds of Lilac oil carried in the petals with sheer delight - Lilac is a mood lifter - anti-depressant, eases anxiety and calms the mind and tends to still erract thoughts. 


Herbalists have used Lilac to relax those that seek to utilize their intuition as it assists with psychic abilities or turns up the volume of internal wisdom which is why Lilac has historically been seen as the floral that bridges between the two worlds.

The Magic of Flowers ~ Tess Whitehurst 


Lilacs are deciduous shrubs that have been cultivated and used for many centuries.  The Lilac flower symbolizes the first emotions of love, but it has other properties as well.  Planted or strewn about Lilac blossoms drive away fear. Lilacs clear away negative stagnant energy and it also promotes clairvoyance, divination, peace, harmony and creativity.  Which is why you often find them around old farmsteads and century homes.. Or growing out in the middle of nowhere  ~  they invariably mark the location of a previous homestead, long since vanished. 

They were planted with a purpose.

Medicinal Value.

Beauty  &  Fragrance. 


Lilac : Use in - Inflammatory, acneic, aging, and photodamaged skin conditions - LINK:



Can you smell you way to a Happier Brain? ~~~~ YES~~~~~~ It is called Aromatherapy - It's a Holistic Practice of Safely Using Plant Essential Oils for Human Relief Enjoyment & Therapeutic Value...  Link: >>





~Pure Wild Lilac Infused Oil~ 10ml

  • Wildcrafted Heritage Lilac Aromatherapy Roll-on Oil ~ A Herbalist Harvested Infused & Formulated Stillroom Aromatic Oil for those that ADORE the Allure of Spring Lilac Blossoms.. 

    In the Victorian Era's "Language of Flowers," lilacs symbolize love. Purple lilacs represent the first emotion of love, and white lilacs represent youthful innocence and memories." (, "Language of flowers")


    The essential oil from the traditional purple Lilac -- or French Lilac -provides calming effects that eases anxiety. Other effects include a purifying, soothing sensation that centers the mind to encourage relaxation. The oil from white lilacs is also used in aromatherapy to produce a calming, soothing effect. The scent of lilacs also brings about an enhanced feeling of sensuality or relaxed mental state. 


    Lilacs are used in aromatherapy for emotional and spiritual benefit. Lilac are used to create a better emotional state by soothing and calming the central nervous system.