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PUMPKIN SPICED Herbalist BULLET Coffee ~ WITH a Decadent  Autumn Kiss of Pumpkin Spice for those who LOVE  an aroamtic flavorful boost of Fall..... Just like Original Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend  but a little more savory with Pumpin pie backnotes ~ A Pumpkin Spice Latte made with 100% plant ingredients by adding to your mug of coffee - We swapped the syrups, dairy, for whole superfood botanical ingredients, so you can sip back with a barista-worthy Pumpkin Spiced coffee that you brew + can feel good drinking. A warm cup of velvety goodness. Tastes just like grandma’s pumpkin pie - just sprinkle into your coffee and STIR - pairs perfectly with a shot of espresso.. 

An Everyday go-to for Rich Decadent morning coffee with a Botanical BOOST. 


MY - MORNING - GO - TO.  Sprinkle into your Hot coffee in your mug + Stir IN - just before your cream or nut milk 😉  It's A Plant Induced Java Shot RICH in Essential Fatty Acids  which Wake the Brain & Cognitive Function in conjunction with the coffee bean + Ayurvedic Spices which Circulate the benefits of EFA's through the body QUICKLY to Feed the Central Nervous System.  Wisdom in a Cup.  Dosha Balance ++ in your mug.


At The Stillroom Shoppe there is no coffee dogma - Just plant based facts ~ 


Metabolism Boosting + Awakening.. Nourishing .. Anti-Inflammatory ..  AntiOxidant Long Lasting Blood Sugar Balancing .. YOUR coffee only BETTER.  A Herbalist Ayurvedic Inspired Spice Blend ..A Smart Amazingly Decadent Plant SHOT to increase the levels of essential fatty acids for cognitive benefit + sharp alertness + memory strengthening.


100%  VEGAN  Plant Ingredients  +  ORGANIC  =  'Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend'

.. 250 ml ~ 50 - 90 servings ..  You will find 1/2 TSP is Plenty per Mug - 


A Stillroom proprietary Herbalist formula of 100% Botanicals - Ayurvedic Traditional Spices, Organic Cocos nucifera.  


Keto Diet FRIENDLY & BENEFICIAL MCTs produce Ketones, adding them to the diet can increase staying IN Ketosis.  Excellent for Ketogenic diets. Nutritional Ketosis can be safely achieved by a high-fat ketogenic diet.  Source:


Sprinkle 1/2 to a Tsp or as desired into your HOT coffee in your mug - (or Hot Chocolate - Or Golden Spice Cacao.. or on Oatmeal ...) Stir - THEN add cream, milk or nut milk - Stir well - sweeten as you would usually ... ENJOY .... #thatfirstsip  


Or into Sprinkle into  Chai Wellness Tea, Golden Spice Cacao... Hot Chocolate, (Becomes Aztec Hot Chocolate) Hot nut milk,  Morning smoothies, Hot Oatmeal bowls / Cereals - for Bullet Brain Boosting Performance.


WELL SUITED to Children (in cereals) and Adults for Feeding the Brain & Central Nervous Sytem Bright & Early When MOST Needed.


13 Health Benefits of Coffee, Based on Science  

Link: > 


Coffee Slows Aging ... Link:



Plant derived omega-3-fatty acids protect mitochondrial function in the brain - 'Our findings provide new insights into the potential mechanisms for the neuroprotective actions of plant sourced unsaturated fatty acids and identified PFSO as promising nutraceutical and possible alternative to fish oil supplements to provide healthful activities in the brain.' Link: >  Abstract. 


The role of dietary EFA's for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease: potential mechanisms of action. Link: > Abstract 


Magnesium RICH Plant Based Essential Fatty Acids Relieve Cerebral Tension: Link:


Effects of dietary plant sourced essential fatty acids on the biochemical and anthropometric profiles of women presenting abdominal obesity. Link:


Antioxidant spices, like turmeric and cinnamon, reduce negative effects of high-fat meal: Link:



Study: Spices  protect against high blood sugar: Link:


MCT Oil 101 - A Review of Medium-Chain Triglycerides -  Link:


Health Benefits - of Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend - The contribution of Indian spices to health benefits has been well chronicled since Vedic times.  Spices and their health benefits are as follows : According to Vedic Tradition.. Link: 


Cinnamon: A Multifaceted Medicinal Plant - Research - Link:



~PUMPKIN Spiced~ Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend

  • PUMPKIN Spiced Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend - Your coffee only BETTER.  MCT + EFA RICH ..Herbalist Bullett Coffee Spice Blend ♡♡ Hooks up with the coffee bean to feed the brain + central nervous system QUICKLY for bright eyed bushy tailedness. Ayurvedic Dosha Balancing Spices.... RISE + SHINE.

    Your Coffee only BETTER.  ~This Java Bullet Blend is My morning mojo.  Herbalist Bullet Coffee is an amazing way to start off your keto day Lifestyle.  Not only does it Immediately Energize, it also stimulates your Metabolism, Boosts Focus and Improves Brain Function. 

    An Immediate Plant ðŸƒ Brain + CNS Nutritional Power Shot to your Java. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids + MST's that feed the brain + make coffee a Cognitive tool ..But most crucially tastes DIVINE.  #ofcourse #coffeegal  ~Wake up Be Alert + Be Happy.  Immediate Effects As The Coffee Bean works in Unison with this Bullet Brew. 

    Sprinkle into your Hot coffee in your mug + Stir IN - just before your cream or nut milk ðŸ˜‰  A Plant Boosting Coffee Shot âœ…  Add to Chai Tea .. Golden Spice Cacao... Or Hot Chocolate .. Smoothies.. Morning Oatmeal or Cereals... ++ 

    100% Vegan RICH in EFA's + MCT's + C12 (Lauric Acid) Antioxidants - This Herbalist Blend supports Optimum Brain & Central Nervous System +++++ 


    A Stillroom Shoppe Proprietary Formula- 

    Organic Ayurvedic Traditional Spices Organic Cocos nucifera Blend 

    Acting as a Catalyst to balance any of the dominating and secondary three doshas of —Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  

    Health Benefits - of Herbalist Bullet Coffee Blend - The contribution of Indian spices to health benefits has been well chronicled since Vedic times.  Spices and their health benefits are as follows : According to Vedic Tradition.. Link: 

    At The Stillroom there is no coffee dogma - Just plant based facts ~ 

    7 Scientifically-Backed Health Benefits of Being a Coffee Addict:  

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