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Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needle Extract  - Far MORE concentrated than tea & more Forest Friendly - We hand harvest our Eastern White Pine Needle ourselves from our farm, forest and fields.  Pine is a traditional First Nation tool for Immunity support for respiratory infections and corona type cough cold and influenza viruses & contributes to - interrupting spike protein havoc - breaking down foreign materials, busting up micro clots at a cellular level - keeping  the blood slippery and of a healthy viscocity and protecting the integrity of DNA.  

Eastern White Pine is the orginal plant source of "suramin" and a source of shikimic acid - Researchers have found that Eastern White Pine needles have enough shikimic acid, 3%, to make its extraction viable. Processed shikimic acid prevents the flu virus from reproducing, thus reducing symptoms and the duration of the flu. The drug Tamiflu was once made from the seed pods of the Chinese star anise tree which is 7% shikemic acid.


Eastern White Pine Needle Extract is an easy to use friendly format - For adults simply add dropperfuls to a little water daily for as long as desired.   A tincture is an extract - a food - with therapeutic values as all organic earth grown food is.


Double Extracted  - Ingredients: Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needle 1:2 ratio organic grain spirits.

50 ml glass dropper bottle - 1 bottle lasts 1 adult approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

Suited for children ages 2 years -  to Adult


Eastern White Pine Needle Extract 


Pine needle tincture is rich in a substance called Shikimate (Shikimic Acid) and various other meta nutrients that boost immunity, hydrate, and contributes to the deactivation of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles at the cellular level.

Shikimic acid and their derivatives possesses: anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties.


  • Eastern White Pine needles contain Shikimate (Shikimic Acid), and a slew of other meta nutrients which boost immunity, hydrate, and contribute to the dismantling of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles at a cellular level.

    Conifer needle infusions- extracts inhibit adverse reactions from graphene oxide and Covid-19 spike protein transmission and protect against components of the coagulation cascade; possibly protecting against blood clots. Pine also inhibits the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA.

  • Gaurav Kumar Silori, Naveen Kushwaha, Vimal Kumar, Essential Oils from Pines: Chemistry and Applications, Essential Oil Research, 10.1007/978-3-030-16546-8, (275-297), (2019). 


Separation of shikimic acid from pine needles is accomplished best by alcohol extraction. 


Pine Needle TINCTURE is an EXTRACT + offers the same `suramin` precurser benefits as a tea format in a more concentrated format. 


Eastern White Pine Needles are the best + original natural source of suramin precursors and contain the highest content of the sought after plant compound synthesized by the pharma industry as suramin - which prevents blood clots, protects DNA and RNA, as well as circulatory respiratory and immunity modulator. 


SURAMIN, THE FRUIT OF EARLY MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY: Suramin is a derivative of the oils in White Pine needles. "Suramin further decreases the activities of a large number of enzymes involved in DNA and RNA synthesis and modification: DNA polymerases (103, 104), RNA polymerases (103, 105, 106), reverse transcriptase (18, 103), telomerase (67), and enzymes involved in winding/ unwinding of DNA (107, 108) are inhibited by suramin, as well as histone- and chromatin - modifying enzymes like chromobox proteins (109), methyltransferases (110), and sirtuin histone deacetylases (111)."


"The whole herbal source (white pine needles) is superior to the single compound drug (Suramin) – because the needles possess a full complement of phytonutrients providing numerous additional benefits that the drug is incapable of."


Now, here is the direct connection between Suramin and White Pine Needle Extract/Tincture:


"The compound Suramin was first isolated in 1837 through a distillation of pine needles by the Polish chemist Filip Walter.


"Pine needle extract provides a superior, benefit, due in part to the fact that it is a direct mild extract of the whole herb leaving many of its properties still intact that might be destroyed by excessive heat during distillation and further dissection of its many nutrient components."



Pine Needle and any conifer tree tincture or tea is NOT suited during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it reduces lactation production in nursing mothers & IT is to be avoided during pregnancy as may cause mscarriage - there are studies indicating this - hence the caution.



Separation of Shikimic Acid from Eastern White Pine Needles - Key components of The Stillroom Shoppe Wildharvested Pine Needle Tincture includes Vitamin C, Shikimic Acid, pigments, various terpenes, precursors to Surmin + organic grain spirits. 





Pine Needle Extract - Eastern White Pine - Wildcrafted

  • Pine Needle Extract fromThe Stillroom Shoppe -  Vitamin C packed ancient tree medicine.. This is an outstanding aromatic nutritious source of extreme levels of vitamin C ~ containing more than 5X vitamin C than lemon by weight, & high levels of vitamin A + + other antioxidants.  

    A 2X INFUSED Herbalist strength plant infusion - TRUE 1:2 ratio = deep antioxidant color and plant phenols and terpenes for  maximum outcomes. 

    First Nations prized this herb (Pinus strobus) & regularly consumed Eastern White Pine needles as a tea, especially as a source of winter vitamin tonic to remain immune strong all winter season when fruits/berries were unavailable. Excellent during times of sinus congestion or respiration congestion.. soothing, uplifting & comforting. 

    The original source of SURAMIN - an essential plant medicine/compound sourced from Eastern White Pine Trees & once available in all Apothecaries and then Pharmacies- for it's anti microbial, anti -viral health benefits.. White Pine tree medicine is RICH in tree terpenes and phenols which have been proven to improve brain health, viscosity of the blood, cholesterol, and offers respiratory and anti inflammatory benefits. 

    Structural basis for inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA polymerase by Suramin -  -  "Suramin blocks viral replication in Vero E6 cells, although the reasons underlying this effect are likely various. Our results provide a structural mechanism for a nonnucleotide inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp." 

    Early colonists to Canada were affected by scurvy and the antidote was from First Nations Peoples who taught our ancestors to drink White Pine tea daily.  It reversed the effects of the Vitamin C deficiency they were suffering from  - a lack of Vitamin C -  initiated by the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables on the several months oversea journey to our continent - from England - it is where the name limey came form.

    White Pine Needle Tea was a staple amongst early settlers to this region in Ontario. 


    Pine Needle and any conifer tree is NOT suited during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it reduces lacatation production in nursing mothers & IT is to be avoided during pregnancy as may cause mscarriage - there are studies indicating this - hence the caution.  


    50 ml Bottle ~ Fresh Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needle Harvested from our Farm Forests and Field Trees - Wild & Fresh (Pinus strobus. L. Pinus strobus) 

    Wildcrafted Ontario hand harvested premium quality Eastern White Pine Needle Tinctured for friendly convienient ease of use - simply add dropperfuls to a little water as suggested on label. 

    Eastern White PINE Needle : Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission -

    You can read more about the history of SURAMIN - the active component of White Pine here - Link -

    Antioxidant activity and analysis of proanthocyanidins from pine (Pinus densiflora) needles - RESEARCH - PROOF & FACT CHECKED ---



    Centuries of Use by First Nations - Healing Tonic:

    Nutrition Facts 'Pine" :

    White Pine Herb Info :

    Antioxidant activity and analysis of proanthocyanidins from pine (Pinus densiflora) needles -

    Structural basis for inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA polymerase by Suramin - "Here we report that suramin, a 100-year-old drug, is a potent inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) and acts by blocking the binding of RNA to the enzyme. In biochemical assays, suramin and its derivatives are at least 20-fold more potent than remdesivir, the currently approved nucleotide drug for treatment of COVID-19." ....

    SOURCE -

    PINE TEA/Extract : Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission -

    & LINK -

    Suramin is a multifunctional molecule isolated and derived from Eastern White Pine needle where it is highest in concentrations & can be found in lesser quantities in other conifer tree needles as well - Suramin has been available to the medical profession for almost 100 years as an essential medicine derived originally from White Pine needle.

    "100 Years of Suramin"  -

    Nature Structural & Molecular Biology - Structural basis for inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA spike protein polymerase by suramin (Eastern White Pine Needle derivative) Link -

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