This Farm Grown Body & Environment Mist is Centering, Balancing & Lovely. ~When you wish the benefits of White Sage smudge but need a handy easy lovely application with no burning involved...  Same results,  same benefits.  This is A Body & Environment Mist~ Centering Calming Relaxing.  The White Sage lingers lovingly - just like burning a smudge, with a soft hint of Lavender for sweetness & Peace.

Soft Sultry Uplifting Antidepressive & Comforting as only White Sage is...slightly summer sweet with Lavender & kisses of citrus ...  

Organic White Sage & Lavender grown on our Farm~ 1500 Mists per Bottle. 


Organic Canadian White Sage Pure Essential Oil AVAILABLE - 10 ml safety capped $75. 

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~ White Sage Smudge Wands ~  + Cedar Lavender Rosemary Calendula Smudge Wands ~ 



White Sage & Lavender Smudge Mist

  • Our Farmed Organic Lavender and White Sage in this 3X Infused Beauty. For Body & Environment Full Smudge Benefits..To Lift the Mind out of patterns of fear based thinking..almost a Spiritual disinfectant. Literally clears the air ✅ 1500 mists per bottle to shift that funk. Wherever it is. No🔥required. #getsyoupresent #itsbeautiful #fanfave #whitesagelavender


    It's a simple intention action.  It's an energetic action & it's helpful.  Stagnant energy, dull heavy weighted down energy lingers & can be moved along by practices such as these.  Organic White Sage & Lavender Smudge Mist was created specifically for this purpose as it's a handy, fireless way to use White Sage for cleansing inside our home ~this Organic WS & Lavender Mist doubles as a Body spray as well~.


    Crystals in the vicicnity are a postive force as well.  People love to have them around near or wear them for the same type of reasons or vibe. Here's to positive vibes within & around.


     ~ Grounding.  White Sage is traditionally known as the Spiritual centering, cleansing & balancing herb.  Sacred in fact for it's benefits offered to mankind.  In this day & age, White Sage has been proven to have mighty antibacterial, antimicrobial & anti-viral acitivity that lasts up to 30 days on surfaces where superbugs like to live & milutiply.


    Organically Grown Herbalist Formulated - 1500 sprays per bottle. 



    When you wish the benefits of white sage smudging but need a handy easy lovely application with no fire.

  • 100 mL