May the Forest Be with You ~~ Woodsy,  Citrus, Refreshing, Uplifts Mind & Mood - A  weathered skin support.. Long lasting aromatics that raise it up~ OUTDOORS skin repair Oak Moss is known for the properties of an antiseptic, demulcent, expectorant, and restorative.  It is known as Evernia Prunastri ...


Wth a kiss of Bergamot, Rosemary & African Sandalwood Oak Moss Body Mist reminds you of a walk in the forest - An Amazing scent. 100% Plant Source.


A Gift for Him or Her ~ Woodsy, Citrus with Organic Oak Moss for outdoors skin repair ~ Very Fresh & Outdoors.  


Oak Moss is a Demulcent herbal, meaning soothing. Especially supportive of weathered dehydrated skin -- Oak moss relieves any type of inflammation or irritation of the skin. It is soothing to skin and keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin. Similarly, it offers relief from scratches, wounds, inflammations and irritations of the skin - 


Oak moss aromatics lift a funky mood + brings a calmer state via Aromatherapy benefits of Oak Moss -

60 ml  Fine Spray - Glass Bottle 


Oak Moss Tea Tree Goat Milk Herb Soap available also from The Stillroom Shoppe. 

Oak Moss Body Spray/Mist


  • Organic Oakmoss Body Mist  is a citrusy earthy fast acting mood lift but with skin nutrition benefits for protecting skin from the elements.  Oak Moss has been used in the fine perfume industry since it's inception.  Oak moss is a subtlely sultry outdoorsy aroma with hints of forest floor wind through pines & sun evaporating dew.  It's that Nice. 

    60 ml glass bottlefine mist

    Oak Moss Body Mist is for Him or Her 

    Oak Moss as a skin and mind supportive plant excellent also for keep lungs clear from congestion -