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Wildcrafted Birch & Rosemary Hair Rinse ~ Herbalist RAW Plant Formulated~ Promotes Healthy Awakened Hair Growth Cycles with Plant Induced Nutrition. A Synergistic Botanical formula 2X plant infused with our Farm grown Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula, Wildcrafted Nettle, Our Farmed Thyme, Cedarwood, Wildcrafted Red Clover, Wildcrafted Birch and Horsetail - Horsetail is the highest plant source of Silica on the planet.  Plus More Botnaicals that Feed & Nourish & Awaken Hair Follices with Pure Plant Nutrition. Often during an inflammatory response such as viral infection. hormonal changes or post mRNA hyper inflammatory injection response hair loss and hair growth dormancy can occur - this raw plant formula offers topical plant nutrition to feed the scalp, follicles and provide nutrition to scalp to encourage a reduction in growth dormancy. 


Birch & Rosemary Hair Rinse  ~Leave in OR Rinse Out~ Botanical Conditioner for hair, hair follicles & scalp health.  


How to use:

Shake well & apply daily onto clean hair - mist at roots and massage into scalp - apply at night before bed and /or apply in morning onto damp hair at scalp after washing hair - this can be used as a leave-in conditioner if you wish - Keep from eyes. 


OVER 1500 Sprays per Bottle .. 120ml  ... A Little Goes Avery long way ... 



Raw plants of: Wildcrafted Birch leaf + bark, Rosemary, Lavender flower, Calendula flower, Nettle leaf, Thyme, Horsetail, Red Clover flower, Distilled water, Organic guten free grain alcohol.


Traditionally Formulated with RAW plants that promote increased scalp circulation, healthy hair follicles, & is a botanical formula supportive & proven as a growth cycle stimulant of new hair production.


Both Birch & Rosemary are well known for the benefits toward providing nutritional health for the hair and for a healthy scalp free from dandruff or greasiness. Silica is a skin, hair and nail & bone health promoter.



📜 Randomized trial of Aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata: >


📜 Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and Cedarwood, improved hair growth:

Birch Rosemary Hair Rinse

  • This is a wildcrafted Herbalist botanical formula that provides Shine, Strength, Conditioning, Managability & Promotes Healthy Awakened Hair Growth Cycles with Plant Induced Nutrition Feeds scalp and hair follicles with phyto sourced proven Rosemary Herb - Organically grown on our farm & Wildcrafted Birch Leaf Plus Supportive Herbals. 

    100% RAW Botanical Ingredients coupled with plant Aromatherapy for maximized outcomes.  

    Hair Care from the Forest --- THE BEST way to feed your scalp and hair is with wild and farmed ingredients. #BirchRosemaryHairRinse

    Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in both men and women. The most widely used treatment is topical minidoxil – the active ingredient in Regaine, Rogaine and other hair-regrowth preparations.

    A 2015 randomized comparative trial put the standard treatment to a test by comparing it with the herb Rosemary.

    Half of the 100 participants used Rosemary topically- After six months of this treatment, the patients were evaluated by two dermatologists, as well as through a self-reporting questionnaire.

    The Rosemary herb group saw significantly better results: a greater increase in new hair growth, significant decrease in hair loss and also less side effects.

    The study proves that the effects are be due to the herb Rosemary's active phenols relaxing the muscles and thus promoting better blood flow to the follicles in combination with anti-oxidant properties.

    Birch bark + leaf has been in hair care since the 19th century, and for good reason: nature stores vitamins in the bark that contribute to the overall health of hair.

    Birch Bark is rich in vitamin C. that builds collagen and boosts hair growth as it thickens and strengthens hair fibres. Lupeol Betulinic Acid helps to reduce hair loss, improve keratin absorption, reduce inflammation and inhibit bacterial growth.




    Leave In or Rinse Out .. Spray lightly - a little goes along way - on scalp and hair ..massage through ..let rest on hair 2  to 3 minutes then rinse or style as usual.  

    Promotion of hair growth by Rosmarinus officinalis leaf: 
    Source: #OHYESITDOES

    Randomized Trial of Rosemary Leaf : 
    Successful Treatment for Alopecia Areata -

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