Stinging Nettles - Urtica dioica ~ The Queen of the tonic herbs.. Locally hand harvested from our forest fields & farm in Peterborough County, Ontario Canada = Non-irradiated plant remedies!  Wildcrafted Nettles for whole body support, reduction of inflammation, joint pain support, allergy aid, urinary tonic, reproductive tonic, blood cleanser plus many more attributes are associated with this go-to plant for Body & Mind support via pain relief.  Used for centuries globally for restorative & repairative benefit.  Nettles is an absolute power house of plant nutritional support.   A TRUE tonic herb with astounding benefits for inflammation - joint pain, tendon pain - arthritic systemic suffering - inflexibility in the joints & provides a powerful full body tonic.  Nettles are well known & documented for the support they provide for urinary, digestive, reproductive, prostrate wellness, blood cleansing, respiratory support + + + so much more.  This is how a Tonic herb operates.  


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Phyto Medicine Manuscript: 2013: - Stinging nettle extract possesses potent anti-inflammatory activity, are not cytotoxic and may be superior to traditional treatments for treating inflammatory disorders.  Link:


'These findings suggest that using lipophilic extracts of the roots, stems or leaves of stinging nettle may serve as complimentary and or more effective formulations than traditional tinctures to undergo in vivo and or clinical evaluations for treating diseases involving inflammation, including Osteo Arthritis.' 


 My favorite tonic all around wonder plant - Nettles


29 Nettle Benefits: Nettles for Better Health:

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Nettle Leaf Tincture ~ Wildharvested

  • Wild crafted and locally sourced Spring Nettle Tops infused Tincture. A Herbalist favored tonic herb. Nettles are a Traditional pain relieving plant remedy for various joint pain support, arthritis, bursitis, osteo-arthirits - reduces inflammation within the body.  Nettles, as a true tonic herb targets the areas of concern within the body & provides nutritional restoration quickly.  



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  • 50 mL