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Moon Ease Compound Topical Roll-On for acute hormonal support & relief ~ A Beautiful Aromatic LARGE  30 ml roll-on topical Stillroom Aromatherapy Compound Essential Oil Blend for hormonal support for every woman. 

Large size so it's easy peasy to roll on lower back & lower abdomen. Fast Topical Relief


Whether pms or after birth uterine cramping or menopausal symptoms this is Herbalist Formulated  for fast dependable  pain relief - Brings speedy support for cramping, malaise, decreases irritability, eases any digestive issues related to the cycle or hormal flux ocurring.  Normailizes mood Lifts Spirit ~ Brings Plant Aromatherapy Relief FAST.


Supports restful sleep if used in evenings & eases discomfort throughout the day if applied in the a.m.  But can be re-applied as need arises. 


To be used as follows;

Shake & apply the large roll-on externally to lower abdomen + lower back ~

For PMS support:

Begin applications 3 to 4 days 'prior' to arrival of cyle and even before onset of discomforts and during cycle - Repeat as desired.

Designed to be used for balancing disruptive hormone changes as experienced by women of any age.  Large roll-on for ease of application ~ effects are timely with lasting benefits.  


For menopausal support - use daily in a.m. & p.m. for best results


For after delivery or after giving birth - Apply to lower abdomen and back on unbroken skin as needed for pain relief - if you've had a c-section use on lower back only until incision is fully healed.


A holistic Mind & Body plant tool with a traditional respected & documented as effective melody of botanicals.  Dependable pain relief in Aromatherapy delivery with the Herbalist boost of herbals for maximum outcomes  ~ Aromatics & dermal absorption = self-care that works 💚

It continues infusing & getting better & better the longer you use it.


30 ml Large Roll on 



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Clary Sage for soothing hormonal balance and decrease in cortisol level

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The effect of Fennel seed on estradiol levels, menopausal symptoms postmenopausal women - Link -


Clinical trials on pain lowering effect of Ginger: A narrative review - "reliever for dysmenorrhea, delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle cramping, osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, and migraine." 



Effect of Fennel seed on pain intensity in dysmenorrhoea - Pre Menstral Syndrome -  A placebo-controlled trial - This study shows reduced pain intensity in both the groups. Statistically significant Results. 

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Effect of Treatment with Ginger on the Severity of Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms - "The findings of this study showed that ginger could significantly reduce the total score of PMS, severity of mood, and physical and behavioral symptoms of the first month intervention. So according to the availability and the safety of ginger, the ginger can be an appropriate treatment in reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome."

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St John's Wort flower oil (our farm harvested & infused) applied topically works well externally in localised nerve pain and such as muscle sprains and muscle cramps.. 


Moon Ease Roll-on

  • Herbalist Formulated for acute hormonal relief Moon Ease Compound Topical Roll-On contains florals, plant resins & herbals in a decadent luxurious skin adoring grape seed oil..  This carries the infused plant power to you in a slick easypeasy to use method for soothing comfort.  

    This is a gentle wisely formulated compound topical purely botanical blend suitable for every woman seeking hormonal support for bloating relief, digestive complaints during cycle, back pain, cramping, dull achiness, malaise & fatigue & emotional irritabilty from dealing with hormonal fluctuations. 


    The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy & Infused Plant Oils in Reducing Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis:



    Benefits of Sweet Marjoram Herb:

    Analgesic, alleviating pain related to colds, fevers, inflammation, toothache and headache

    Antispasmodic, easing all types of spasms, from respiratory spasms in the intestines to muscular spasms in the limbs

    Anaphrodisiac, curbing and controlling abnormal and excessive sexual urges

    Antiseptic, preventing both internal and external wounds from becoming infected and from developing tetanus

    Antibacterial, killing bacteria and protecting you from food poisoning, typhoid, malaria and other related bacterial infections in the skin, colon and digestive system

    Carminative, effectively solving gas problems like colic, flatulence and stomachache by relaxing muscles in the abdominal region and preventing the formation of excessive gas

    Diuretic, increasing frequency and quantity of urination, which in turn helps remove excess water, sodium, uric acid, bile acid and toxic elements in the body

    Emmenagogue, regulating irregular and painful menstrual period

    Expectorant, dispelling mucus and phlegm and relieving congestion in the nasal tract, larynx, pharynx and lungs due to colds and viral infections

    Vasodilator, stopping fungal proliferation

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