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Wild & Herbalist Formulated  for maximum outcomes ~ Meno Aid Tea ~ is a wellness targeting herbal blend that ecourages & strengthens TONES  the reproductive organs - Lifts + Maintains Position PLUS supports balancing hormones during the peri-menopause - during + post menopasual periods of our lives.  This hormonal targeting blend supports Improved Sleep Quality, Soothes Irritability,  Cools Hot Flashes during day & night..Banishes Fatigue + Maliase & provides a return to hormonal cycle balance.  All with Botanicals~ It's A Beautiful Plant Infusion. 

🍃🍵🍃🍹🍃 Wildcrafted from Our Farm Forests & Fields 

Nourishing, soothing, supportive herbal formula for sleeplessness, hot flashes, irritability & clearing foggy thinking.  Enjoy this tea Iced or hot ~ Add Lemon or Maple syrup or honey to sweeten as desired.   

Best results are received when 2 to 4 mugs per day consumed.  It's easy to do to alleviate hormonal woes.. 


80 gram bag

Herbalist formulated proprietary blend of-


Red Clover tops, Chamomile flower, Rose petal/bud, Lemon Verbena leaf, Chaste berry, Violet flower/leaf, Lavender floret, Wild Nettle leaf, Ginger root, Fennel seed, Red Raspberry leaf.


Stillroom 2 piece stainless TEA INFUSER fits any size mug or mason jar 





Black Cohosh Compound Extract Support Available

Moon Ease Roll on Available Also  




May 15, 2017 Release of Study:
Effect of Foeniculum vulgare Mill. (fennel) on menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women: a randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial -…/Effect_of_Foeniculum_vulgare_Mill…

Meno Aid Tea

  • A delightful plant infusion - Tea - Nourishing Soothing Self-Care in plant form. Meno Aid Tea  provides fast  relief from hot flashes, brings tone to the reproductive system, soothes irritability, clears the foggy mind, reduces fatigue ++  Supports a return of restful restorative sleep & brings back hormonal harmony.  This is a balancing highly nutritive mineral rich blend. 


    ~ A Herbalist formulated proprietary blend of Wildcrafted & Organic herbals including; Wild Red Clover Blossoms, Violet, Chaste Berry, Verbena, Fennel seed & frons, Chamomile, Red raspberry leaf, Lavender flowers, Rose Buds, Netttle ++ In a Proprietary Herbalist Blend ~ 


    ~ Menopausal Tincture Support Available Also ~ 

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