Kidney Wellness Herbal Tea ~ 

This is a kidney & urinary tract targeting traditional formula.  All botanicals included are highly supportive of kindney health by way of soothing Corn silk, repairative Nettles ~ which is a magnificent unrinary system tonic, Cardamom for is easing digestive aid, Cranberries for the documented prevention & support of the bladder, kidneys & complete system, Blueberries, again for the impacts of mega Vitamin C - antioxidant scouring power, Alfalfa to reduce acidity which contributes to the break-down or dissolving of kidney stone particles + +.  This herbal melody of botanicals strengthens & supports via time honored plant medicinals - simple helpful & effective.  

For most effective therapeutic value of this herbal wellness tea or most active aggressive plant aid ~  3 to 6 mugs per day is just what the Herbalist suggests for acute plant care.  


The main historical and current use of the Corn-silk as a medicine is for the special action of being what is known as a ‘soothing diuretic’.  Corn Silk is  used to help with are kidney stones and bladder infections as well as other urinary tract problems.   This is for traditional herbal medicine uses,  including an irritable bladder, bed-wetting, prostate gland enlargement and fluid retention.  ~ For further Herbalist information on Optimum Wellness with Plant Remedies. 

Kidney Wellness Herbal Tea

  • A  traditional blend of urinary system supportive herbs - Corn Silk, Cranberries, Nettles, Alfalfa, Cardamom, Rose Hips, Lemon Balm, Wild Blueberries, Jasmine blossoms, Rose petals, Sage. Supportive to urinary system, soothing, cleansing.  Plant formula supportive in preventing U.T.I.’s. Supports kidney stone prevention.

  • 80 g