HOW TO DO A HOT CASTOR OIL PACK ~ At one time every home had a bottle or two of Castor Oil  in the herbal medicine cabinet. The memories are not that great for some, as it was used often as a Spring purgative given to children & adults by spoon  to 'clean the system & get things moving after heavy winter foods'.  There are far more many uses for this seed oil & it was in every home for many reasons even up to 50 years ago because it's uses are vast - it was in wide use for an array of bodily ailments.


One of the  Beautifully Effective Traditional uses is a Hot Castor Oil Pack combined with Our Farmed Wildharvested St. John's Wort Flower Oil ~ for Sciatica Pain Relief & Removal of Nerve Inflammation at the site. 


Each KIT Contains:

1 x 60 ml Wildcrafted St. John's Wort Oil Pump Bottle

1X 60 ml Organic Castor Oil Pump Bottle 

2 Flannel Application Cloths each approx. 12" x 12"

X-Large freezer bag - to protect clothing & fabrics



A Hot Castor Oil Pack combined with our wildharvested St. John's Wort Flower Oil is a wonderfully therapeutic topical treatment for acute Sciatica episodes - Applying this care treatment provides FAST Comforting pain relief & reduces the inflammation that is creating the nerve pain associated as a Sciatica attack.





The Stillroom Shoppe @ StoneHouse Holistics Hot Castor Oil Pack for Acute Sciatica Relief


HOW TO DO A HOT CASTOR OIL PACK - Combine the Castor Oil with St. Johns Wort Oil for ACUTE Sciatica attack or severe acute nerve pain for immediate assistance (that does not require immediate medical attention)


How-To Do A Hot Castor Oil Pack For Back/Nerve Pain Inflammation Relief:



Flannel Cloth 12" x 12"

X-Large freezer bag - to protect clothing & fabrics

Pure Castor Oil

Wildcrafted St. John's Wort Oil

Heating pad (you supply this) 


Fold flannel cloth in half, lay on plastic bag, add liberal amount of Castor oil - 2 to 3 Tsp or so to flannel - Shake SJW flower oil WELL + Spray a liberal amount on top of Castor oil - same amount or so. Let oils soak into cloth - Next apply oil rich cloth directly on skin - with plastic side out to protect clothing and fabrics - Rest in a seated position + Apply gentle/medium heat to site for 30 minutes or longer to 60 minutes maximum at a time with the heating pad. 

Repeat 2 to 3 X a day for acute care.  

Save the cloth for repeated applications - then wash + dry for future treatments.

For Adult USE ONLY -





Locally wildcrafted St. Johns Wort Flower ~ Topical FAST pain relief from Shingles or any nerve pain - Wildcrafted St. Johns Wort Flower Oil with Bee pollen intact - Golden like gold dust . Herbalist Captured in wildcrafted STW Oil  - For topical use for almost immediate relief  from pain inflammation & burning nerve pain associated with sciatica, carpel tunnel pain, cold sore/herpes/1+2 - Diabetic Neuropathy, & it is also a wildly effective sunburn pain reliever  - Relieves any nerve related pain. 


Fast Topical Pain Relief + speed of healing of nerve related pain + inflammation. Sciatica:: Disc/ Back pain:: Carpel tunnel :: MS symptoms:: Coldsore/Antiviral:: Sunburn pain relief:: Shingles:: Chicken pox:: Diabetic neuropathy pain:: Poison Ivy. Harvested Mother Nature's Farmacy - Our farm forests & fields 🌻




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Castor Oil Pack KIT with St. John's Wort Oil