~ Essential Protect Blend ~  
Formulation based on the Original Aromatherapy 'thieves recipe' Immune Compound circa the 15th century.
Herbalist Custom StoneHouse Holistics version of ‘Thieves’ Oil Blend as per the traditional recipe. 
Holistic plant Value for All Clove bud. Cinnamon bark. Lemon oil. Eucalyptus oil. Rosemary oil.
The Essential Protect Blend / formula is Herbal, Classic and Immune Strengthening; Anti-microbial, Anti-vermin, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-infection, Anti-depressant, Anti-contagion, Immune enhancing & of true respiratory support.
10ml Cobalt blue glass bottle, safetycapped.

More Info on this Antiseptic, Antiviral Immune Blend:https://goo.gl/NCGg5Z

Essential Protect Compound Essential Oil 'thieves' Blend

  • Essential Protect Blend ~ Herbalist formulated 500 approximate year original recipe ~ 15th Century European Recipe of 'thieves' Formula based on Folklore & 500 year botanical history.