Echinacea: Nature's immune enhancer - Proven Trusted for many hundreds of years to support and strengthen human immunity. Through Food...Our Farmed Herbs - and in this case a flower with trusted tradtional plant medicinal food values. A plant Tincture is an extract - a food - easy peasy immediate absorption .. shake ~ add dropperfuls to a little H20 ~ throw it back & Feel Better. .


Echinacea species, a popular medicinal herb throughout the world, have been used by indigenous Americans for hundreds of years as an effective immunostimulant. Active plant/food ingredients in Echinacea include polysaccharides, flavonoids, caffeic acid derivatives, essential oils, polyacetylenes, and alkylamides.


Echinacea Flower is also known for it's antiviral lung support for various respiratory concerns:


" The clinical experience of many phytotherapists is that long-term Echinacea is beneficial for asthmatics in particular, because its use reduces the frequency of respiratory viral infections which are well known exacerbating factors in asthma."


Traditional and Modern use is that of Immunity and Antiviral Support - can be taken daily for proactive use or taken at first onset of need.


50 ml amber glass dropper bottle

For Adult Use




Echinacea Tincture - Extract