Our Organically Grown from seed to harvest  Calendula Tincture or Extract.  The Gorgeous Trusted Ancient Power of Calendula for traditional purposes of plant based healing.  Calendula has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being a strong antiseptic and astringent. Calendula is used in cream or an ointment to treat minor skin problems, such as rashes, diaper rash, minor burns, acne, and eczema.


Ancient flower medicine used for skin care & healing purposes of speeding wound healing, reducing scarring, diminishing old scars, reducing inflammation, preventing infection, plant-antibiotic action plus anti-septic.


Calendula is in every Holistic practitioner's tool box as well as a sought after ingredient for DIY home skin care projects.    


50 ml Amber Glass Dropper Assembly - 100% Certified Organic Spirits 1:2 Ratio  Herbalist Grown Harvested & Formulated for Maximum Outcomes. 

Calendula Flower Tincture - Our Farmed Organic

  •  Herbalists consider Calendula to be the single most useful herb for healing damaged or broken skin and there is no doubt that is a profoundly helpful healer both inside and out.

    “Calendula is a remedy that should follow all surgical operations” (Thomas Bartram)

    'Full strength Calendula tincture may be briskly rubbed on the legs or torso to help shrink and heal spider veins and varicose veins' (Richo Cech)

    John Heinermann writes; British folk medicine records the saying “Where there is calendula, there is no need of a surgeon.” Calendula is not a miracle herb that can prevent modern surgeries. The saying was coined when the most common surgery was amputation, and the most common cause of amputation was infected wounds.

    Calendula has been used to cleanse wound and promote healing since ancient times. The flowers contain constituents that kill bacteria, viruses, and moulds, and others that are powerfully anti-inflammatory. Still more constituents promote cell growth in wounds and ulcers. It has great value in either salve or dilute tincture form for any kind of external skin, muscle or blood vessel problems--wounds, sores, varicose veins, pulled muscles, boils, bruises, sprains, athlete's foot, burns, frostbites, etc.

    Calendula's ability to aid healing to our external skin is matched by its ability to help heal the internal 'skin' of our gut lining, something that in the modern world, is just as likely, or even more likely, to be exposed to harm as our external bodies.


    Calendula is an extremely safe herb which can be used by all ages including the very young and old, likewise it is perfectly safe for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers. As it is a member of the Compositae family there is a small risk (less than 1%) of an allergic reaction from being in contact with the fresh plant but the reports of sensitisation to Calendula are extremely rare.


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