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Herbalist Formulated Digestive Support Tea is geared to Improving Balancing & Enhancing Digestion & Elimination Processes.  Blended With wildcrafted botanicals that provide vital FRESH Nutrition Vitamins + Microbial plant compounds that support a return to normalcy in the digestive tract. 


105 - 115 gram bag 


Stillroom 2 Piece Stainless Steel TEA INFUSER - Fits any size mug or mason jar


Eating Local Plant Materials Provides MISSING Gut Flora Health >> Source:


Digestive Support Tea is ... A Farm Fresh Melody of..


Wild Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Ginger root, Wild Peppermint leaf+ Spearmint leaf,  Oatstraw/Milky Oat tops, Spring Sweet Violet Flower or leaf,  Fennel seed, Licorice root, Nettle leaf, Marshmallow root, Cardamom pod/seed.  ALL botanicals that encourage timely effective absorption from dietary daily intake.  The formula also promotes strength of the urinary & elimination systems.


ALL working in unison to restore tone - improve absorption - improve gut flora & offers the plant nutrition for the body to restore itself.


2 to 4 mugs per day ICED or HOT supports  HEALTHY Digestion - improves eliminations - provides local plant vitamins & minerals~ 

~ Safe For Everyone Including During Pregnancy or Nursing ~ 


Stillroom 2 Piece Stainless Tea Infuser - Fits any size mug or mason jar -  Link -


PESTICIDES over the top in commercial tea preparations - A Major Issue: Commercial Tea Is Basically A Pesticide-Laden Beverage..

In 2014, CBC News conducted an independent study of tea brands examining the pesticide levels in everyday tea products sold in Canada. Half of the teas tested contained pesticide residues that exceed Canadian standards. Of the ten brands tested, only Red Rose proved free of pesticide residues.

In 2014, Greenpeace India tested 49 packaged teas from 8 of India’s top 11 tea companies. Products included tea from brands such as Unilever, Tata Global Beverages, and Twinings. 


REAL LOCAL wild harvested and grown plants Including Loose herbal Teas Restores GUT - Floral & Improves Digestive Processes:

A profound explanation of why eating green (wild) edible plants promote health and longevity -


Digestive Support Tea

  • Don't be someone who underestimates the powerful values found in Herbalist Formulated Wild Harvested Teas... Before Teas became a common beverage - they were considered plant medicines - Afterall, They are Plant Infusions + bring to the table massive therapuetic benefits.

    Herbal teas provide massive health benefits: 

    Those who enjoy the caffeinated lift that comes from drinking traditional coffees and teas may tend to overlook the benefits of drinking herbal infusions. Now, the idea that herbal teas may provide a variety of health benefits is no longer just folklore.


    Plant Teas and Health Scientific Research - Health Benefits of Herbal Teas -

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