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Our farmed Comfrey Leaf ~ Organic and dehydrated naturally at it's vibrant peak to harness every benefit associated with Comfrey. This herb is for external use ONLY.  Our dried Comfrey can be infused into an oil of your choice to prepare a salve or simply use as an infused oil or closed skin poultice/compress application.  Once known as knitbone, Comfrey / Symphytum has a long history of wound healing, particularly broken bones, torn muscles, sprains and aches. Not just for bones, the allantoin in Comfrey Leaf helps promote cell growth as well inhibiting infection and reducing inflammation on all tissues, particularly skin issues. Our farmed Comfrey leaf = (Symphytum grandiflorum known for the rich allantoin content, a substance that helps new skin cells grow, along with other beneficial substances that reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy & low concentrations of unsaturated pyrrolizidine alkaloids (UPAs)


"Comfrey Leaf has been used over many centuries as a medicinal plant. In particular, the use of the root has a longstanding tradition. Today, several randomised controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy and safety. Comfrey root extract has been used for the topical treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints. It is clinically proven to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints in the case of degenerative arthritis, acute myalgia in the back, sprains, contusions and strains after sports injuries and accidents, also in children aged 3 years and older."


Comfrey: from tradition to modern clinical trials -


Latin name - Symphytum

Alternative names - Knitbone, Boneset, Ass Ear, Black Root, Blackwort, Bruisewort, Consound Gum Plant, Healing Herb,  Knitback,  Salsify, Slippery Root, Wallwort.


"Comfrey is a well-known traditional plant medicine with a long therapeutic history. Its preparations have been widely used for the treatment of severe muscle and joint problems, wounds and bone fractures, and inflammation (Seigner et al., 2019)."


"Comfrey is also used as an external preparation to heal, ulcers, sprains, and fractured bones (Smith and Jacobson, 2011)."


"The Comfrey plant has long been used as a topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Comfrey plants can be used to alleviate muscular discomfort, mend fractures and wounds, and function as an anti-inflammatory (Seigner et al., 2019). Previous research has indicated that comfrey plants have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of phenolic substances such as rosmarinate acid. Rosmarinic acid inhibits the production and release of pro-inflammatory mediators (Oliviu et al., 2017)."



55 gram bag 

Keep dry and store out of direct sunlight

Suggested use - For Topical Use Only - Use within 2 years of purchase

Keep dried herb away from pets


Our Essential Wellness Botanicals  that are formulated with our farmed Comfrey Leaf are as follows:

Eczema Relief Salve

Calendula Salve 

Anti Viral Skin Recovery Oil 




NOTE - Comfrey Leaf is NOT suitable for ingestion. 



Comfrey Leaf - Organic Our Farm Grown - 55 g

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