This is a specific RAW Plant material Traditional formulation for Baby, Child or Adult Sensitive Skin for support in Eczema or Psoriasis Care. Eczema Relief Salve is a soothing healing balm that proveds skin with plant nutrition PLUS including Essential Fatty Acids via Organic Argan oil, Organic Hemp oil, Organic Apricot seed oil,  Our Farmed Comfrey Leaf,  Fennel seed,  Marshmallow root, Chamomile flower, Organic Yarrow, Wild crafted Elderflower, Wild crafted Plantain Leaf, Lavender Flower, Shea butter,  Palmarosa,  Sandalwood,  Pure Rose Absolute ~  

Also excellent for care + healing of Psoriasis as well. 

A melody of Relief through the power of florals + herbs topically applied to the skin as needed, with the ultra rich nutrition of premium skin oils that the skin craves. 


Farmacist small batched - 2 ounce screw top food grade metal container - 

Eczema Relief Salve