FRESH Forest farmed Eastern Cedar Leaf Hydrosol 🌲 For skin for mind for antiviral antimicrobial support ... Hydrosols are gentle soft condensations of herbals~ Safe for everyone to enjoy as a mist or for Vitamin C RICH complexion care that lifts the mind mood and emotions.


Vitamin & Mineral RICH - quickly absorbed by our skin- Anti-rheumatic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, repellent to insects and microbes, a stimulant for uplifting yet soothing frayed nerves~ to the nerves, uterus and heart muscles, tonic and a vermifuge. Useful in steam baths/rooms for rheumatism, arthritis, sinus / lung congestion and gout, it has traditionally been used as a wash for swollen feet and burns.

It was commended as a medicinal in treating scurvy as late as the 1900's as a brewed tea made from branches and small twigs. 


This is Herbalism. Forest tools. Power tools. Skin & Mind Support.


60 ml glass mist bottle - keep from direct light and heat. 

Cedar Leaf Hydrosol - Mist