Herbal Acne Hydrogel- Inspired by the traditional knowledge of Snapdragon Flower power for skin support + Newly recognized acne specific anti-bacterial power of Antirrhinum majus/Snapgragon.  Snapdragons symbolize grace under pressure + inner strength in trying circumstances. The Romans spread snapdragons throughout Europe and through most of their empire. It was revered as a medicinal herbal. They called snapdragons leonis ora, which translates to “lion mouth.” Snapdragon flowers are antiphlogistic, bitter, resolvent and stimulant. They have been employed in poultices on tumours and ulcers. It is effective in the treatment of all kinds of skin inflammation, especially "Propionibacterium" which is the lead suspect in recurrant acne. A new aurone, bracteatin 6 glycoside, has been found in this plant & it specifically targets the bacteria associated with acne. Stops it in in tracks. Repairs scarring - anticandida - anti-inflammatory PLUS the skin restorative effects of Local Wild Rambling Musk Rose...Local Wild Field Horsetail  in a 100% Stillroom Herbal Gel format proven to be the best delivery for timely repairative noticeable results and prevention of recurrance. 


Herbal Acne Hydrogel  is suited for all skin types sensitive to oily and geared to effect all forms of troubled break-out prone skin including hormonal + stress based -  Botanically designed with Wild Musk Rose for it's ability to diminish old scars + regeneration of healthy glowing skin.  Wild Horsetail - The highest plant, non crystaline source of skin building & collagen enhancing Silica. 

There are five flavones in A. majus, namely, apipnin, lutein, chrysoeriol, kampferol3-gliscoside, and kampferol 3,7diglucoside +  the NEWLY recognized bracteatin 6 glycoside specific to the bacteria that contributes to acne.  


Snapdragon demonstrates Excellent antibacterial and antifungal activities when compared with standard antibiotics and their minimum inhibitory concentrations  of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Clostridium tetani and Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and even against fungi such as Candia albicans, and Aspergillus clavatus has been determined.

100ml Jar 


Herbal Argan Body Scrub >> A GENTLE cleansing + skin purifying tool that slowes the over-production of hormonal related skin oils - minimizes pores - supplies wildly effective plant nutrition to Repair Restore & Replenish troubled skin.  250 ml Jar 


Herbal medicines are gaining increased north american popularity due to their time proven advantages, such as better tolerance, long history of use, fewer side-effects and being less expensive. They have provided good evidence for the care of a wide variety of difficult to support diseases.  Many medicinal plants with anti-inflammation and antibacterial activities are used in different ways in the treatment of acne and other infective diseases. 








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Herbal Acne HydoGel

  • Moisturizing, Healing Wildcrafted Skincare for break-out prone skin - with Organic Snapdragon Flower our farm grown for it's specific anti-bacterial power targeting prowess for skin ulcers as a result of acne.  Plus locally wild harvested Herbals. 

    Apply to clean skin - - Use anywhere breakouts are a problem either as a spot treatment or as a thin application - complexion, back, scalp, chest . . Use Daily up to 3X per day if you wish.