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  ~Lavender Vanilla Bean~ Lip Balm with the Beuatiful Effects of Aromatherapy.. Non-tinted 

Organic Hemp Seed oil,  Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil 🍃 with infused wild crafted Local Herbals + Our Farmed Lavender PLUS the proven therapeutic purity of (Locally purveyed since 1993) Plant Essential oils in a Traditional Herbalist blend of Our Farmed Lavender Infused with Organic Vanilla BeanRichly Moisturizing & Restoring + Protective.  .. Aromatherapy decadent lip balm creatend by a relentless lip balm junkie who had to create these to find her very favorites.   If you love a GREAT lip balm ~ These are for you ~ truly Mother Nature Inspired.  

Wholesome Botanical Decadence for our skin. 


ZERO artifical color fragrances or ingredients. 

⭐ Protects ⭐ Conditions⭐ Lifts Mood ⭐ Relieves Tension ⭐


~ Lavender Vanilla Bean Lip Balm ~ Brings Tension Easing Mood Relaxing Aromatics with a Gentle Hug of Home with Vanilla Bean Infusion right up close and personal - immediate emotional effects of . . .  R-E-L-A-X  . . . Just Breathe while plant nutrition heals and protects lips in harsh weather with an SPF of 15. 

4.5 ml 


Lavender Effects on the Mind Research:

Lavender Skin Nutrition:

~Lavender & Vanilla Bean~Lip Balm

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