Herbalist Formulated for Maximum Benefits ~ Simply Enjoy 2 to 4 mugs Daily - ICED or HOT for  Pain Relief Benefits that build everyday + Anti-inflammatory Effects that put the fire out at the source of hot spots.  A Beautifully Blended Wellness Tea with Smooth Full Flavor - Turmeric & Ginger hand processed~ wisely tricked into tasting Incredibly Decadent with Maple Syrup & Ginger + Nettle & a fusion of locally wildcrafted plant ingredients from our Farm Forest & Fields. 


Before herbal teas were considered common beverages they were Always Plant Medicine.

They Still Are.

Fill Up Your Cup.



Anti-inflammatory Tea ~ Infused w Turmeric + Ginger

  • ~Iced or Hot~  This is Plant Powered Apothecary Wellness.

    Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Tea  is purposefully formulated to address points of inflammatory pain & work to restore Optimum status in joints or bodily areas crying for help.  

    Inflammatory conditions anywhere in the body seek solace - This formulated tea reduces acidity, calms the internal fires and supports repairative restoration through the nutrition of Traditional Botanicals. 


    Formulated with Local Wildcrafted Ontario Herbals - Herbalist Harvested, Prepared & Formulated - Combined to Aromatically & FlavorFULLY  be throughly enjoyed at least 2 to 4 times mugs daily (or more if desired) for Fast Beyond Expectation Repairative Building.