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Herbalist Harvested Wild Medicinal Apothecary Roses Lovingly formulated into an Empowering Elixir to open the Heart Chakra.  Balance Emotions and Instill a corrected realization of one's worth.


This Extraordinary Wildharvested  ~Apothecary Rose Elixir~  Relaxes the nervous system, eases feelings of impatience and agitation associated with PMS and menopause, comforts a sad heart, and inspires a feeling of love and compassion for oneself and others.  Roses soothe and support the digestive system, cool emotional heat and inflammation related to women’s reproductive health, and fill the heart with harmony and peace. 

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Herbalist Formulated  ~Apothecary Rose Elixir~  PURELY Forest + Meadow ~Traditionally Inspired by the long medicinal history of wild roses being grown specifically for human medicinal use in Europe, brought over to North America for kitchen backdoor Herbal Medicinal gardens for use for the Heart, Emotions, Mind & Anxiety Reducing Balancing qualities as offered for the last 5000 years of use.  A Safe Sound Ancient Herbal Floral Wellness Tool. 


An Immediately Soothing Decadent blended Elixir of INFUSED Wild Apothecary Rose Petals, The Stillroom Formulated Apothecary Rose Tincture, Distilled Organic Spirits, Organic Rose Water, Citrea Juice, Stillroom Formulated Apothecary Rose Syrup (low on the hypoglycemic index) This Elixir can be used for stress management, soothing frazzled nerves, recovering from physical or mental trauma, easing PMS/Menopausal symptoms, Opening our Heart Chakra, and to Inspire Love Acceptance & Compassion for Yourself which spreads by osmosis to those around you. . .


Can be used by adding 1-2 Dropperfuls to a little water .. Or added to a cup of boiling H20 for a Decadent Soothing cuppa . . Or taking directly off a dessert or teaspoon.. Or... Enjoy in one to twelve drop doses alone or in water up to six times a day.  Can also be a plant power tool as a health and wellness Elixir and simply taken as a shot each day - Can be added to iced or hot herbal teas, water, smoothies, juice throughout the day. 

Perfectly Safe for All Ages. 

*If you have any seasonal allergies there is Beautiful Wild Pollen present in this Elixir as a result of being wonderfully locally wildcrafted from our forests and fields. 


60 ml Dropper ~ Keep Away From Light ~ Use within 1 year from purchase - for longer shelf life store in fridge.  


The antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-depressant properties of Wild Rose have been confirmed. ~Several pharmacological properties include anti-Viral Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Antitussive (anti-cough), hypnotic - (relaxing) , antidiabetic, and relaxant effect on tracheal chains have been reported for this plant. 




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" The results showed that the phenolic antioxidants from R. chinensis flowers exhibited very strong radical scavenging effect and antioxidant power. High levels of flavonols and hydrolyzable tannins might be important bioactive principles in the dried R. chinensis flowers."




Vitamin C content in Wild Rose is 3X that of Orange juice





Apothecary Rose Elixir

  • ~🌸 Wild Apothecary Rose Elixir 🌸~
    A Traditional Sunshine Infusion .. An Extract of Locally wildcrafted APOTHECARY Rose for the Heart + Mind.

    ~🌸 A Heart Emotion + Selfworth ELIXIR 🌸~ Originally this Stillroom created syrup formula was as clear as H20 is~ It's Lovingly becoming vivid with the DEEP Antioxidant Hues, Plant phenol's, Compounds, Vitamin C (epic proportions), minerals + Terpenes of Medicinal Rose...Pliny the Elder & Galen used Apothecary Rose for support of 33 ailments.. In 1597, Gerard's Herbal suggested that the petals of red roses 'should be ground with sugar and used to "strengthen the heart and take away the shaking and trembling thereof".
    ~King's American Dispensatory, 1898.

    Medicinal or Apothecary Rose is considered the premier for opening the
    heart chakra. It is harmonizing, balancing, helps soothe anger, fear and anxiety; it restores confidence.

    Herbalists, Royalty & Everyday Folk in all European cultures prior to the Roman era going back thousands & thousands of years, utilized Apothecary Rose imbued Remedies for eye ailments, indigestion, skin conditions, heart conditions, and sore throats. Internally, rose elixir can be used to relieve stress, panic, trauma, or fear in both adults and children, as well as animals. The Elixir acts as a Nervine, calming without sedating.

    Vegan. 100% Plant Ingredients. Safe for ALL AGES. Safe for Diabetics.
    Herbalist Wildcrafted Formulated with Love 👩‍🌾🌸 and Experience since 1995 ~ From Our Farm Forests & Fields. . .The Stillroom Shoppe


    Wild Apothecary Rose Elixir helps one to embody Inner Courage to live as the most sincere + true  version of themselves, trusting that they are always protected.


    Rose's medicine is vast. She is the mother of all flowers- bringing a soothing ease and sense of love for self and others. Rose is known for being supportive of the emotional body, relieving stress, and imbuing our lives with grace and beauty. Helpful for the heart when it is burdened. 


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