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Using the mustard plant in an old school tried tested and true manner.
🌿 For a decongestant mucous busting lung treatment - This remedy is and has been a mainstay in our house for 35 years.

I grew up using them thanks to my Grandmother.

They're easy to use, deeply comforting and a power house of relief when you need help for respiration.

Used for Adults or kids old enough to tell you when it's getting too hot 🔥...  ... Mix the premixed Mustard powder with a little lukewarm water to the consistency of a smooth paste - not too watery - spread thinly onto a large piece of soft flannel...The flannel folded like an envelope so no paste touches skin directly... - The flannel pack goes next to the skin~~~ then covered with a zip lock bag and kept on chest until the warmth that it generates tells you to switch to applying to the back lung area. Cover with a towel while using on chest and back to keep warmth close to body. 
... Rotate back and forth from chest to back for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour if comfortable doing so ...keep rotating back to front --- when finished, you may then rinse skin of any residues + repeat as needed up to 4X a day if relief is desired - you can re-use the same application for 1 day ---- wrap in the zip lock bag between applications 


Not to be used on young children under 6 years of age. ☆ Do not fall asleep while using a mustard plaster as skin will blister and burn if you do not listen to the warmth warning it generates ðŸ”¥ to move it from chest to back and vice versa.

It is empowering to have plant tools that can be depended on in the home. Trusted power tools.

This is a prepared kit containing 3 packet applications - Handy for easy access for the winter season â„❄
NOTE: Seek medical attention if discomforts worsen or if deemed needed.
Mustard Plaster Treatments were once listed as a treatment in the pharmacopoeia for lung infections, pneumonia, for expelling mucous, chest colds, productive coughs, bronchitis and croup. 

Still relevant today. An at home treatment that works using the power of plants and tradtional know-how.  Be plant empowered people. Stock your home with remedies that help you heal and be well..Have a plan. That plan includes Herbalism. ðŸ’š


Also available - Therapeutic Mustard Herbal Bath ... 

The Stillroom Shoppe - Take a peek inside > ðŸŽžï¸

Mustard Plaster Kit - Traditional Remedy

  • A comforting effective herbal plaster for the chest & back to break up congestion & remove mucous.  For Adult use only.  

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