~Traditional Apple Bark Tincture ~ Wildcrafted Heritage Apple Tree Bark - Pyrus malus - A traditional tonic astringent plant remedy specific for the support of digestive woes such as acid-reflux + heartburn.  The bark of the apple tree possess cooling, astringent properties that make it useful in many conditions.  Apple tree bark is used in herbal medicine to counteract hyperacidity and heartburn. 

This plant remedy is Mother Nature's answer to acid reflux, heartburn as a plant powered & sourced ant-acid. 
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Apple bark is an ideal remedy in settling GERD

The bark of the Apple tree possess astringent properties that make it useful in a number of conditions. The inner bark has been used as a safe plant medicine to treat hyper-acidity and heartburn. It is excellent to settle a sour stomach or if the stomach burns.  It settles the stomach. Apple bark is an ideal remedy in lessening GERD - as it not only acts as an antacid, but its astringency also restores strength and tone to the sphincter that separates the harsh stomach acids from the esophagus, thereby acting in a curative, as well as restorative manner.


It's notable use goes back centuries upon centuries as use for the relief of heartburn, or acid reflux. By cooling the burning sensation, and toning the esophageal sphincter to prevent leakage of irritating stomach acid into the esophagus, apple bark can benefit both the symptom and the cause of this condition. Apple bark has pleasant cooling and astringent properties. It is supportive for gently cleansing the blood vessels of plaque and fatty deposits + supporting healthy circulation. It has benefits as a digestive tonic as well.


Apple Bark further reading: http://medicinalherbinfo.org/herbs/Apple.html


Acid reflux drugs linked to increased stomach cancer riskWednesday November 1 2017 -

Link: > https://bit.ly/2iVcZpQ 


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~Apple Bark Tincture ~ Wild Crafted Ontario Canada

  • Heritage Snow Apple Tree Bark, harvested at our farm - A centuries old Trusted Traditional  Proven plant remedy and until as recently as the late 1940's ~ Apple Bark was listed & suggested in the King's American Dispensary as the formost effective acid reflux - stomach upset + hyper-acidity remedy of first choice.   As an astringent the active componenets seek to bring tone & muscle strength back to 'retighten' any flacidity of the valve that retains stomach acids this point.   As a bitter tonic Apple Bark also provides digestive support for flatuance bloating & unfortableness from stomach upset.   Apple bark preparations also have a beneficial effect on cholesterol numbers by cleansing the interior of the circulatory system.   These are it's foremost uses toward restoring normalcy to digestion & healthy muscle tone to digestive related organs.

    A Really Common Medication Has Been Linked to Doubled Risk of Stomach Cancer - https://bit.ly/2xjD6dN 


    For Adult Use 


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    This information isprovided for educational purposes with regards to Herbalism & is NOT intended to diagnose advise or prescribe. The responsibility is on the reader to determine with their specific health needs what route is best for themselves.  Traditional Plant Remedies are the forebearers to modern scientific medicine without the associated side effects of pharmaceutical doctor prescribed medications.