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SOOTHES SORE THROATS: Stillroom Herbal Throat Spray is a soothing spray to calm sore throats, ease coughs and shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections. This multi herb formula offers antibacterial, microbial, antiviral & throat pain relieving plant based support. We know that sore throat is one of the symptoms of influenza and Elderberry is a proven anti viral.. Echinacea is a proven tool toward strep as is Sage leaf ... Herbal Throat Spray also provides excellent relief for mouth issues of thrush, cankers, lesions if used to speed healing.


• For dry‚ sore, irritated throats that need soothing‚ comfort and calm
• Herbs to moisten and soften the mucus membranes and ease scratchy throats
• With a cooling quality‚ this herbal formula helps to disperse the heat of irritated tissues along the respiratory tract - reduces inflammation. 

• Supports a productive cough to help move phlegm while also easing dry‚ spasmodic coughing bouts
• Helps to maintain a healthy respiratory microbial environment


Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. It's usually caused by a viral infection or, less commonly, a bacterial infection. Tonsillitis is a common condition in children, teenagers and young adults. The symptoms of tonsillitis include: a sore throat and pain when swallowing.  Stillroom Herbal Sore Throat Spray = Fast Acting Relief of tonsillitis and pharyngitis which  is the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oropharynx. In most cases, it is caused by an infection, either bacterial or viral. 


Proprietary Stillroom Herbal Extract Blend

Echinacea Rhizome,  Elderberry, Sage Leaf,  Spirits, Distilled Water


50 ml spray - glass bottle 


How to use* -

Adults: Shake well before use: 2 - 3 sprays into the back of the mouth & throat every 2 hours or so up to 6 times per day - Avoid drinking fluids for at least 15 minutes after spraying Herbal Throat Spray in back of mouth for best effectiveness. 

Suited during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Suited for - Ages 6 years+ Shake well before use -  1 spray in back of mouth 3 to 4 x daily


5 Year shelf life from purchase date 



*Note: If throat/mouth discomfort persists or worsens -  be sure to seek medical attention as needed.




Study Finds Echinacea/Sage Throat Spray as Effective as Chlorhexidine/Lidocaine for Acute Sore Throat -


Echinacea/Sage or chlorhexidine/lidocaine for treating acute sore throats: a randomized double-blind trial -,in%20the%20chlorhexidine%2Flidocaine%20group.


"An Echinacea/Sage preparation is as efficacious and well tolerated as a chlorhexidine/lidocaine spray in the treatment of acute sore throats."


Sambucus nigra (black elder) Elderberry, as alternative treatment for cold and flu  - Viral and bacterial infections are among the common causes of sore throat - Elderberry is strongly anti-viral toward upper viral respiratory infections and can shorten the duration by up to 3 to 4 days  - Elderberry originated as a folk medicine, but its popularity made scientists look deeper into the properties of this plant. Multiple studies conducted over the last couple of decades focus on treating influenza with elderberry extract. We know that sore throat is one of the symptoms of influenza  -






Throat Spray - Herbal Mouth/Throat Spray

  • Echinacea/Sage treatment exhibited similar efficacy to the chlorhexidine/lidocaine treatment in reducing sore throat symptoms during the first 3 days (P(x < Y) = .5083). Response rates after 3 days were 63.8% in the echinacea/sage group and 57.8% in the chlorhexidine/lidocaine group. These are both very well tolerated.

    Echinacea purpurea, is a medicinal plant with a long tradition of being used as a remedy in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, and a recent review confirmed the efficacy of echinacea preparations in the treatment and prophylaxis of these infections [7]. The plant has anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory properties that seem to be mediated by endocannabinoid receptor CB2-induced upregulation of TNF-α mRNA [8]; in addition, antiviral and antibacterial properties have been reported.


    Another medicinal plant that has been used traditionally and is also recommended for use in infections and inflammations of the mouth and throat is the common Sage, Salvia officinalis. Sage compounds have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, microbial, antinociceptive, and astringent properties. 


    Sage / Common Sage  - Herbalists have long used sage to soothe a sore throat. The astringent properties can bring relief to swollen tissues and the antimicrobial properties can address infection. Studies show that a fluid extract of sage worked better than placebo in reducing pain due to viral pharyngitis (a viral throat infection). With its antimicrobial and astringent properties, sage can be used as a mouth rinse to promote oral health.

    Researchers found that ursolic acid, which is found in sage, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

    Source: Sage (Salvia) species have been used in traditional medicine for the relief of pain, inflammation, bacterial and virus infection. 


    Study Finds Echinacea/Sage Throat Spray as Effective as Chlorhexidine/Lidocaine for Acute Sore Throat -



    Note: If throat/mouth discomfort persists or worsens -  be sure to seek medical attention as needed

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