Purely Botanical Eye Gel  is a lifting + cooling vitamin & mineral rich treatment for minimizing undereye dark circles, reducing puffiness + replenishing skin fatigue. Stillroom formulated, 100% raw plant material sourced - Infused Comfrey from our Farm - Icelandic Moss - Wildcrafted Elderflower - Wild Apothecary Rose - Rose Hips - Red Raspberry seed with a kiss of Aloe into gentle toning & lifting nourishing replenishing Herbal Spa Care for the eye area.  Get Your Wild On. 


Iceland moss has a plant-based antibiotic effect. It is an antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and a demulcent—a cooling emollient remedy that soothes irritated or inflamed mucous membranes. 
RICH in bio available calcium and mineral precursors of collagen - when applied to the skin to reduce irritation + hydrate it offers extreme vitamin based moisture and nutrition.


Rose Hips and Wild Medicinal Roses are ancient skin care tools as applied to the skin - Mega packed with Vitamin C, Phenols & nutrition that feeds skin.


Wildcrafted Elderflower is traditional complexion & fragile skin food - Elderflower has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins, flavonoids and quercetin. They are also rich in bioflavonoids which help prevent wrinkles from developing. Elderflower contains anti-oxidants that protect against sun and other free-radical damage.


~ Plant based anti-wrinkle, anti-aging nutrition that is especially formulated for anyone over the age of 30 - when our skin is considered mature~ 


How to Use: Apply to clean under eye skin + eyebrows nightly.  ~ A little goes a long way~

Keep from direct eye contact. 


💫Purely Botanical Eye Gel💫
Stillroom formulated from plant scratch with our farmed Comfrey for its Allantoin / elastin generating compounds... Ancient Wild Elderflower skin nutrition.. Bioavailable Vitamin C RICH Rose Hip + Wildcrafted Apothecary Rose.... In a Herbalist created ~raw mineral packed lcelandic Lichen format~ non-oil botanical GEL 🍃 Its A Spa Treatment. Used nightly to diminish dark circles reduce puffiness & provide skin toning Lift through wild plant remedy nutrition. 




Comfrey root: from tradition to modern clinical trials - Allantoin and rosmarinic acid are of central importance for its pharmacodynamic effects [7]. The German Commission E [8] has assessed Symphyti radix (comfrey root) deriving from Symphytum officinale L. positively for the external use in bruises, strains and sprains and acknowledged its actions as anti-inflammatory, antimitotic and promotion of callus formation.

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Purely Botanical Eye Gel