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100% Wood Fired Pure Maple Syrup ~ Collected from StoneHouse Holistics sugar maple trees (sugar bush) & old school wood fired to liquid gold perfection.  A true tree elixir.  Decadent sweetness & Canadian Maple flavor from traditional hand processing & only wood burning. 

Maple Syrup has been recently identified as a nutritional benefit in prevention of dementia & altzheimer's disease..  Pure Maple Syrup is an overdue alternative to toxic white sugar to use where sweetening is needed in beverages, cooking & baking.  Lower on the glycemic index ~ Packed with micro-nutrients ~ plant terpenes, minerals, amino acids, tree phenols, vitamins and has the action of protecting against proteins 'becoming sticky' or clumping together in the brain research has proven.  500ml  


The Stillroom at StoneHouse Holitics is where plants become dependable Mind & Body remedies for a herbal return to Wellness. 



Is maple syrup the new brain food? Canadian research suggests it protects against Alzheimer’s:


Alzheimer’s Could Be Prevented by Maple Syrup, Researchers Prove;


Maple syrup protects against Alzheimer's  research shows:


Effects of a standardized phenolic-enriched maple syrup extract on b-amyloid aggregation, neuroinflammation in microglial and neuronal cells, and b-amyloid induced neurotoxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans -  Maple Syrup Extract reduced amyloid β1-42 peptide (Aβ1-42) fibrillation.




Maple Syrup ~ Wood Fired - Our Farm

  • Pure Maple Syrup ~ Traditionally collected, hand processed & old school  wood fired for BEST flavor results.  See a video of StoneHouse Holistics 100 acre sugar bush - maple sap collection.    

    Maple Syrup Joins The Ranks of Broccoli and Blueberries as 'One-Stop Shop' Superfood:


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