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Nettle Seed Extract is an Ontario Gem of a plant (Urtica dioica) ~ Useful for chronic exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and burnout + thyroid support - Nettle seeds have also been used to aid + strengthen kidney function in both people and animals with degenerative conditions. “Nettle has a high level of affinity for the kidneys. It is well known in the herbal community for getting people off dialysis."** Nettle seed nourishes the endocrine glands, antidotes poisons internally and externally, and provides a curative, unique tonic effect - hair and skin are strongly influenced by nettle seeds, as is the complete urinary system. "Medical Herbalists use nettle seed to increase energy, as an anti-inflammatory and as a highly effective kidney trophorestorative." "It slows down renal failure, evidenced by increased kidney glomerular function and lowered serum creatine levels." Nettle seed is considered a Western adaptogen herb that supports the adrenal glands and endocrine system.


Nettle seed is supportive for nephritis

In nephropathy, patients suffering from kidney problems and undergoing dialysis, nettle seed and leaf to a lesser extent, prevents IgA deposit and controls inflammatory factors that damage the kidney and affect creatinine clearance. Nettle herb has rich iron content and promotes hemoglobin production. Hematuria occurs in patients suffering from kidney problems and nephritis. In this condition, blood cells also leak into urine despite dialysis. This can lead to renal anemia. Nettle seed helps boost the production of red blood cells and restores vital minerals and vitamins that may leak into urine due to kidney problems. Nettle is a rich source of zinc. Patients with kidney problems, especially those undergoing dialysis, are often been reported to have a zinc deficiency, which manifests as hair loss and other symptoms. Nettle seed and to a lesser extent, leaf,  could reduce the need for dialysis

Kidney problems decrease the efficiency and ability of the kidneys to purify the blood, in extreme cases requiring dialysis. When creatinine, uric acid, nitrogen compounds and other waste content increase in the blood, a lifelong regimen of dialysis or until a suitable kidney replacement is available becomes inevitable. Nettle could help reduce the frequency and need for dialysis since it naturally supports kidney problems and improves kidney function.

Nettle leaf helps reduce creatinine levels in the blood. Creatinine is a waste molecule generated by the body that is excreted through urine. However, in kidney problems, creatinine removal is impaired, causing blood creatinine levels to start rising. If the creatinine level in the blood is uncontrolled through medication, therapy or dialysis, in addition to the existing kidney problems, it could lead to impairment of other vital organs.

Scientific research backs the proposition that nettle acts as a kidney tonic. It helps reduce blood creatinine levels and improves uric acid clearance in people with kidney problems.


Nettle Seed as a functional food in an extract/tincture format that works to resolve kidney problems: Nettle seed and leaf to a lesser degree is a powerful diuretic and depurative. It can prevent the need for dialysis by enhancing blood purification, removing creatinine and uric acid, dissolving gallstones, improving urination and controlling infection and inflammation of the kidneys.


Nettle Seeds (Urtica dioica) calm adrenal burnout. It is Canada's adrenal herb more effective than Ashwagandha Root by a long shot. Stinging Nettle’s seeds have a remarkable nutritional ability to rebuild and restore the whole body 💪 acting as an adaptogenic herb. Nettle seeds are intensely nutritive, being dense with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.. 💚The plant therapeutics of Nettle seeds have some overlap with those of the Leaf, both being strengthening, mineral rich, and antioxidant packed - great for skin and hair and for supporting the kidneys and urinary system. Tonic effects to all body systems in fact. Whereas the leaf is gentler, the seed packs more of a punch. Nettle Seeds have massive capacity as an adaptogen and adrenal trophorestorative - Just like non-native Ashwagandha root BUT a LOCAL sourced palnt ...  Organic Nettle Seed Extract is VERY difficult to source.  Nettle Seed Tincture promotes a sense of clarity, wellness, heightened energy levels, reduced stress increased lung capacity. This plant is especially effective for those suffering from severe burnout, resulting in profound fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain and alternating feelings of depression and intense anxiety. Nettle seed can lessen all of these symptoms, and sometimes eliminate them completely. For some people, they can dramatically effect or shift perception, promoting a sense of connectedness... Physical and mental stamina is usually increased, and exertion will seem more enjoyable. 💚Nettle Seeds Tincture is an adaptogen. It helps with the general stress response, strengthening the adrenals, as they're loaded with minerals and trace elements from the deep root reach of the plant. Nettle seeds work as a natural plant substance to help the body adapt to stress and have a trophorestorative ~> acts as a nutritive RESTORATIVE for the body.

There is so much more to Nettles than meets the eye. 💚 One of my very favorite nourishing restorative herbs!

Nettle Seed Extract in it's adaptogen action is a local sourced tonic plant that provides the same restorative actions as  the famed 'ashwandaga root' preparations BUT better due to it's origins being sourced Locally from our habitat - non-irradiated - meaning not exposed to gamma rays at the Canadian border.  


Hand Harvested in Peterborough Ontario from our Farm Forests & Fields & Formulated with Certified Organic Spirits - 1:4 ratio


50 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle




Effect of nettle (Urtica dioica) extract on gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity -


A review of the effects of Urtica dioica (nettle) in metabolic syndrome -


** “Nettle also has a specific action as a tropho-restorative, bringing back function to parts that have become paralyzed, atrophied, or functionally inactive. Perhaps it acts through the proteinaceous genetic material, which carries the codes for bodily functions. I find it effective when the part has been paralyzed or depressed in function since the use of anesthesia. It also works internally on inactive kidneys, thyroid, menstruation, hormones, nerves, muscles, and so forth, to bring them back into effective operation." Excerpted from:The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal PlantsBy Matthew Wood





Nettle Seed Extract - Wildcrafted

  • This is a Herbalist old school Western Herbalism rock star - This Extract has been repeatedly known to reverse advanced kidney disease.  Nettle Seed  is an adaptogen - it goes where needed & the Adrenals are being hit hard in most people due to excessive continuous stressors. This is the plant remedy for Re-building Restoring & Reaping the rewards of deep root Ontario plant medicine.

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