CALENDULA – SUNSHINE INCARNATE – Calendula officinalis  ~ 

Infused in Organic Grapeseed Oil using Stillroom Herbalist Traditional Techniques. 

This is our farmed  Organic from seed to harvest - Calendula picked at the height of readiness for

The Stillroom Shoppe healing soothing skin loving Calendula oil.  Herbalist Grown & Formulated. 


$40.  250 ml Amber Glass Bottle. Peterborough Ontario Grown Calendula Oil. 


A Stillroom Shoppe planted tended - harvested prepared & infused oil containing carotene and vitamin A, which are both valuable healing agents for the skin.  An Ontario Canada grown skin loving & restoring oil. Used for thousands of years for supportive healing of skin. 


  • ~ Used in small amounts with other carrier oils especially for inflamed and irritated skin. Calendula oil is also used in the making of healing salves, lotions, creams, etc.  It is beneficial for all skin types including babies & those with sensitive skin.  For Your DIY projects at home.  


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Calendula Flower Oil - Organic Warsaw Ontario

  • A peek at Calendula drying after being harvested... It's a Beautiful thing to capture the ancient power contained in the humble yet revered Calendula  blossom.  


    From Our Farm Forests & Fields to ~Essential Wellness Botanicals~ 




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