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Nursing Mum Tea A Beautifully naturally flavored fresh Stillroom herbal tea ~ Lovely iced or hot delivering calming plus soothes fortifies & strengthens.  Formulated with Mineral dense Botanicals.. Organic Locally wildcrafted Nettle, Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Fennel, Local Wildcrafted  Red Raspberry Leaf,  Anise, Organic Chamomile - a kiss of Hops & a little hug of Milk Thistle..  These plants are traditionally trusted and proven building blocks of ensuring an enduring fortifying nutrient rich production of breast milk.  Plus providing peace of mind as many of the botanicals in this formula are soothing & aid tension taming.  This is a lactation BOOSTING tea. Herbalist Formulated for maximum Outcomes. 


Nursing Mum Wellness Tea is a soft delightful flavorful cheery plant infusion ~  Drinking 2 to 6 mugs a day is a plant powered way to boost Wellness for Mum & Promote Healthy High Plant Nutrition Supply for Baby.  Push Plant Fluids Ladies! 


90 - 100 gram bag

Herbalist proprietary formula of-


Alfalfa leaf, Nettle leaf, Orange peel, Red Raspberry leaf, Anise seed, Hops flower, Milk thistle seed, Chamomile flower, Fennel seed, Oatstraw/Milky Oat tops, Orange peel 



Stillroom 2 piece Stainless Steel TEA INFUSER fots any size mug or mason jar 

Herbs for Increasing Milk Supply - The following describes the use of some herbal treatments for breastfeeding mothers - Canadian breastfeeding Foundation :



Nursing Mum Tea

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